These Are The Best & Easiest Sustainable Swaps To Make, According To Narcity Canada Readers

Finding ways to be more environmentally friendly has become a major priority for many Canadians. In fact, 82% of Narcity Canada’s 491 recent readers surveyed said they’ve already made changes in their lives to be more sustainable.

There are many ways you can make green changes in your life, from simple ones like recycling to big ones like switching to solar energy.

Sure, living as sustainably as possible can seem like a challenge, but you don’t have to completely transform your life to be more environmentally conscious.

For Narcity Canada readers polled, there were a few sustainable swaps that came out on top in terms of simplicity and effectiveness.

Recycling is number one

When asked what the best and easiest sustainable exchange was, recycling received 46% of the votes (297 readers of Narcity Canada).

And it’s easy to see why recycling would be at the top: we can recycle in our homes and have it collected regularly, and many products are made from recycled material ourselves.

Companies taking on the recycling game

Louie Murray | narcity

To contribute to global environmental efforts, companies engage in environmentally friendly initiatives. DASANI, for example, is taking a big step towards a sustainable future through recycling.

This summer, DASANI launched new bottles across Canada – made from 100% recycled plastic. All pack sizes have made the transition (excluding caps and labels).

The initiative is part of a larger effort to create a “circular economy” for packaging that will minimize the introduction of virgin plastic into the environment and extend the useful life of plastic already in circulation – all thanks to Canadians who recycle.

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Louie Murray | narcity

It is estimated that the switch will save over 20 million pounds (9 million kilograms) of virgin plastic in Canada and the US, equivalent to around 552 million bottles in 2023 alone (compared to 2019). Now that’s a sustainable swap!

Sprite is also joining the cause. The iconic green bottle becomes clear, increasing the likelihood of it being rebuilt into a new bottle.

cotton bro | pixel

Easier sustainable swaps

Recycling may be high on the list, but it’s far from the only sustainable move Narcity Canada readers are making. Here are some others shared by people who took the poll:

  • “I’ve replaced plastic wrap and sandwich bags with beeswax paper and reusable bags.”
  • “Refillable bottles for detergent and fabric softener!”
  • “Eat less meat.”
  • “Thrift! Swap clothes with a group of friends literally every few months.”
  • “Change from shower gel/hand soap to bars of soap.”
  • “Compost food waste and use it in my garden.”
  • “My metal straw! Never leave the house without it!

CDC | Unsplash

Whatever you decide to do – recycle your plastics, compost your leftovers, or eat less meat – remember that change doesn’t happen immediately. Whatever you can change, no matter how small, it’s worth it.

And you are not alone either. Brands like DASANI are boosting your recycling efforts and preparing Canada for a more sustainable future with their new 100% recycled bottles.

To learn more about DASANI’s 100% recycled plastic bottles, visit Coca-Cola’s website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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