These Are The Best Places In Canada To Buy Property, According To A Real Estate Expert

Trying to find the perfect home in Canada is an endeavor no matter where you choose to live.

The nature of the Canadian housing market means that you often have to make compromises, whether it’s location, price, or even the features and quality of the home itself.

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult either.

To make your decision a little easier, Narcity sat down with real estate agent Trish MacKenzie to look at the property and figure out the best place to buy a home.

And according to her, the first thing you want to find out is why you’re buying a home.

Ask yourself: “Are you a consumer? an investor? A builder? Do you want to be there long-term or short-term?” MacKenzie guesses.

If you’re looking for the long term, look for cities with secure, established industries that could withstand a recession.

Once you have an idea of ​​what you’re looking for there, the real work begins.

When looking for the “best” place to live, MacKenzie points out that some things to look for include the established industry mentioned above.

“Areas that rely on luxury (like travel and tourism) could be hit hardest during economic downturns,” she says.

She also recommends looking at potential growth opportunities such as new business developments, infrastructure updates, and future demand as a community develops.

That being said, the best place to move to is of course a place that suits you.

You have to ask yourself: “Does the vibe of the city suit my lifestyle?”

So if you want to lead an active social life, moving to the cheap mountain cabin might not be the best move.

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Or if you’re looking to raise a family in a quiet area, maybe you shouldn’t be looking for downtown condos.

“I’ve recently fallen in love with a nice house in a small town, but I know I wouldn’t be happy in a small town,” MacKenzie said

Of course, “the best” doesn’t mean the best for everyone, but there are a few places in Canada that she keeps an eye on and recommends for you too.

The first is Moncton, New Brunswick.

“The benefits that a city like Moncton can offer create an opportunity for a sustainable, happy lifestyle that will be appreciated over time,” said MacKenzie.

She points out that access to transportation, historic areas and sea views make it incredibly attractive to new residents and that “the area’s growth is being supported by a steady decline in the unemployment rate to currently well below the national average.”

She also recommends people keep an eye on London and St. Thomas, Ontario.

“The City of London has implemented plans to revitalize the atmosphere of the city center and has worked to attract events and concerts to the area,” said MacKenzie. “And it has a rich but hidden history of architectural design.”

Both St Thomas and London have “the infrastructure to support full-time long-term residents and offer good investment opportunities for rental properties close to established institutions”.

In general, if neither interests you, MacKenzie says you should look for cities that are actively working on things that will attract new residents, such as B. new developments, revitalization projects and more.

But before you rush to buy a new home in these places, be aware that the “best” places to buy a home may quickly become less attractive than we all have during and after the pandemic have seen.

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“Areas like Innisfil, Peterborough, [and] Oshawa, in southern Ontario, is feeling the brunt of interest rate changes because the factors that made it a good choice a year ago were temporary,” MacKenzie said.

As an example, she points out that with the return to the office, the demand for places outside of the metropolitan areas “at the touch of a button” decreased.

So when you are looking for a home to call your own, think about what you are looking for and what you want from a housing market.

And to back up your decision, a recent study found some of the cheapest housing markets in Canada, which includes Moncton in the top ten.

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