These Are The Five Best-Paying Job Roles In Cannabis, WEEDAR Reveals

Finding stable clerical positions in the cannabis space will only become easier as the industry matures. While nearly every industry has been impacted by economic uncertainty and AI-induced job losses, few are as resilient as cannabis.

The team behind WEEDAR, a loyalty and distribution platform for cannabis brands, wanted to find out which jobs in the cannabis industry are well paid, in high demand and don’t require any special skills.

To do this, they examined 2,000 job postings on LinkedIn to find the five highest-paying white-collar jobs in the cannabis industry with salaries of up to $115,000. This means that the data in the report is based on the current job pool and not on estimates. Management and sales experience seem to lead to higher pay in many cases.

The five highest paying jobs in the cannabis industry include:

  • Cannabis Sales Managers with an average salary of $113,660.
  • Cannabis Marketing Managers with an average salary of $73,360.
  • Cannabis Business Operations Managers averaging $73,360.
  • Cannabis consultants with an average salary of $67,716.
  • Cannabis delivery drivers with an average salary of $39,877.

“Cannabis can provide fairly reliable jobs for the United States markets for a number of reasons: The first reason is that it’s an essential business,” explains Jonathan Bohun, Founder and CEO of WEEDAR, meaning “essential.” “It doesn’t matter if the country gets worse or better. You still need to relax. People still need their medicine.”

“The second reason is that the cannabis industry is pretty young nationwide,” says Bohun. “And it’s still growing, so anyone who has now found a job in the cannabis market can rest assured that things are only going up. So yes, I would say cannabis jobs are pretty stable and more and more companies are coming from a venture capital background and there is a lot of funding coming into the market.”

The full report can be found here.

The cannabis market continues to grow and thrive, having grown fivefold in size in five years. It already employs nearly 430,000 Americans, according to the most recent annual Leafly Jobs Report, prepared in partnership with Whitney Economics. At this rate, the industry will add 108,000 new jobs in 2023, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., CannabizTeam estimates.

The maturing market creates new requirements. This is where WEEDAR comes in, combining augmented reality (AR) powered shopping experiences and gamified loyalty programs for cannabis brands.

This means people can buy their favorite brands in 3D, have them rotate and so on, using AR-enabled product delivery and future technologies to enhance the experience.

“WEEDAR is a customer engagement and loyalty platform for brands,” says Bohun. “Currently, there is no one-stop solution on the market for brands to reach their customers. Currently the way it works is that most programs are attached via a license to a site user or to a supply or retail license. For example, if you go to certain shops, you can collect coins there. And it doesn’t usually really work for brands because different stores use different points of sale and different software,” he explains of how they handle things differently.

“At WEEDAR we have developed and provided a tool that allows brands to design and implement their own loyalty program without being restricted to specific locations,” he says.

Last January, WEEDAR announced that it had raised $1.5 million in a seed funding round led by an anonymous private investor, bringing the company’s total fundraising to $2.3 million.

Bohun explained what the company plans to do next.

“It doesn’t matter where you buy a branded product,” says Bohun. “We bring them on board with WEEDAR and we can reach the customer directly and build strong relationships, no matter where the customer wants a product. That’s the main idea behind it and we’re building the collectibles marketplace where we’re connecting the artist-influencer-actress with cannabis brands and we’re producing Limit the Drops for example.”

Weedar says its NFT offering is the first-ever NFT-based loyalty scheme that pays users to engage with the platform, encourages users to stay, and gives them money back. Offering free NFTs with purchases that users can trade or resell makes WEEDAR “the first and only platform where consumers can make money buying weed,” according to the company.

“Right now we have a few drops for April 20th where we have a couple of artists showcasing the biggest cannabis brands out there,” says Bohun. “They do limited drops of 1000 to 5000 units, a drop that will never be repeated. And there is also added value when you receive not only flowers or cannabis products, but also collectibles […]. And so the customer gets a free NFT with each of these collectibles and can collect various perks from those NFTs.”

The company plans to expand to Washington, New York, Florida and Michigan in 2023. Download the top-rated WEEDAR app from the Apple App Store.

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