This 70/SS Embodies The Soul Of A 1970 Chevelle Super Sport

Tallahassee, Florida-based Trans Am Worldwide has just stripped the covers of its latest recreation of an iconic muscle car, the 70/SS. The new 70/SS was designed by a team of enthusiasts to embody all the muscle car goodness that GM created in the 1970 Chevelle Super Sport. It brings back those classic body features with modern amenities and horsepower.

Modern materials meet Chevelle heritage

Each 70/SS is custom built by Trans Am Worldwide using advanced carbon fiber body materials. This full carbon body can be painted in a variety of colors including a ‘Heritage Line’ that replicates the iconic colors originally offered on a 1970 Chevelle. These heritage colors are combined with a range of contemporary three tier colors to give the enthusiast over 20 color options available when styling their 70/SS.

The base 70/SS picks up where GM left off with the 1970 LS6 (454) Chevelle, putting out 450 horsepower on tap. There’s also an optional 675 horsepower version with a Magnuson 2600 supercharger, headers and a full performance exhaust system . Each 70/SS also features the iconic induction hood with bonnet and rally stripes for that vintage look through the windshield. Under the hood, performance can be increased well beyond what General Motors has offered in every Chevelle with either the 396 Heritage Model or the 454 LS6X Limited Edition.


Trans Am Worldwide has just released their 70/SS, a remake of the classic 1970 Chevelle SS with modern performance and comfort!

The Heritage 396 model has two power levels, including an 800hp supercharged engine or a 900hp twin-turbo monster. In true limited edition fashion, the top-of-the-line 454 LS6X will be limited to just 25 units produced, but there will be three different levels of road dominance to choose from!

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Naturally aspirated and turbocharged or twin-turbo engine packages are available in a variety of horsepower levels.

Starting at 900hp at the rear, customers choosing the 454 LS6X option can increase that number to either 1,000 or an incredible 1,500hp at the rear thanks to the custom-built twin-turbocharger power pack. To help the chassis cope with all the extra horsepower, each limited edition car will also feature upgraded suspension, upgraded axles, a heavy-duty rear differential and oversized brakes as standard on the 1,500hp models.

Iconic interior

The interior of each 70/SS offers a wide range of leather trim options reminiscent of the 1970 Chevelle Super Sport. Enthusiasts can choose between the Heritage Shifter for cars with automatic transmissions or the legendary Hurst Stick for manual shifting.

Automatic transmission cars get this traditional shifter (left), while manual transmission cars have this oh-so-muscle-car shifter with white balls.

The retro theme is reinforced with a range of leather seats, a retro-style instrument cluster, custom floor mats and 70/SS aluminum treadplates. Bespoke door panel inserts and steering wheel serve to remind you that even if steeped in Chevelle’s heritage, the 70/SS is a modern marvel with all the conveniences of today!

Check out this video of the new 70/SS to see how the team at Trans Am Worldwide has squeezed so much muscle car goodness into a modern, high-performance car. Then visit the website and get on the list for your own 70/SS. We can assure you, the muscle car era has never felt so good!

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