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Thymesia eschews a traditional magic system in favor of its plague weapon mechanic, which allows you to absorb weapons from your enemies and use them in retaliation. At the beginning of the game, you also unlock the ability to choose a plague weapon, which you can equip and use at will – provided you have enough energy for it. By farming enemies that wield the weapons, you can earn skill shards to further enhance your plague weapons and make you a force to be reckoned with. In this guide, we’ll list five of the best plague weapons to carry to help in battle, focusing on the early to mid-level options.

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hand ax

The hand ax is great for dealing large amounts of wound damage and can stagger enemies for a short time. It throws fairly quickly and has a solid forward thrust to ensure you land your hits, and it can be leveled fairly easily as there are tons of enemies using it. Once you level it up, not only does its energy cost drop significantly, but you also get the ability to press the button twice to throw the hand ax for a ranged attack – although it’s worth noting that it deals less damage than the standard melee attack.

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Passive: When you increase your Strength stat to 10, you can break an enemy’s Super Armor with the hand axe. When you get your Vitality to 10, you reduce damage absorption by 25% when you cast the hand axe.


The halberd is a powerful option that’s easy to level up as there are many halberd-wielding enemies roaming around. Using it allows you to perform three consecutive piercing attacks, each dealing reasonable damage, with the final jab dealing bonus wound damage. Once you level it up, you can cast it for less energy and earn the ability to double-press the button for a rotating attack that can knock enemies back.

Passive: When you’ve increased your power to 10, each time you land the third halberd strike you gain a stack of “Offensive” buff. When you get your Strength to 20, your third halberd hit will also break an enemy’s Super Armor.


The scythe might not hit as hard as some plague weapons, but it can be an incredible choice for sustainability. It hits with a diagonal swipe that deals decent damage while also healing you for a decent chunk of health. Once you level it up, you can cast it for less energy while also getting the option to double-press the button for two swings for some extra damage. Since it’s easy to find enemies using the weapon, don’t bother trying to level it up either.

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Passive: When you level your plague to 10, you double the health restored and gain a bonus of 5% of your maximum health with each scythe hit. When you level your plague to 20, if you land a scythe attack while your health is full, you gain a stack of Offense buff and a stack of Defense buff.


The whip is among the best options in the game when executed perfectly. While it can deal decent damage with normal use, there is a sweet spot that allows the tip of the whip to hit the enemy and pull you towards them, dealing massive damage and getting you in close range for claw attacks. This takes some practice, but once you’ve mastered it, you can deal with even the toughest of enemies pretty quickly. Once you level it up, it costs less energy and opens up the option of double-pressing the button to bring enemies to you instead. Unfortunately, finding skill shards to max out isn’t as easy as some of the other options on this list.

Passive: When you level your plague to 10, you’ll gain one stack of Offense buff when you land a whip attack and two stacks when you land it with the spike. When you level your plague to 20, you increase the whip’s casting speed.


The hammer is a dangerous plague weapon that you can use against your enemies. It slams the ground for an AOE attack that deals great damage to enemies and can often knock them down. Once you level it up, you can cast it for less energy and learn how to double-tap for a powerful whirlwind attack that can devastate anything in its path. It’s really something to check out and an incredible tool to have on hand, but skill shards may require some additional farming as hammer-wielding enemies are rare in most levels.

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Passive: When you get your Vitality to 10, you reduce damage absorption by 50% when you cast the hammer. When you increase your power to 10, you gain a stack of Offense buff whenever you land a hammer attack.

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