Thymesia Guide – How To Upgrade Potions

Potions in Thymesia are your best ally. They will come in handy and save you from death countless times, especially in the first hours of the adventure when you haven’t yet mastered the game mechanics. You start your journey with three basic potions that need to be carefully rationed, but you’ll soon be able to level them up and even unlock new ones.

This guide will show you how to improve potions in Thymesia using the so-called alchemy enhancers, ingredients and recipes, and how to unlock the long-lasting and fast-acting potions.

Thymesia Potions: Quick Reference

There are three different types of potions in Thymesia: general, long-lasting, and fast-acting. The first is available to you from the beginning of the game, while the other two are unlocked after defeating the Sea of ​​Trees and the bosses of the Royal Garden. Here’s a quick rundown of each potion:

  • General potion: its effect is immediate. It has 100% health and energy recovery effectiveness.
  • Long lasting potion: recover for some time. It has 150% health and energy recovery effectiveness.
  • Fast acting potion: its effect is immediate. However, it has a 50% effectiveness of health and energy recovery. The number of potions you can carry increases significantly.

How to get Alchemy Boosters in Thymesia

Alchemy Boosters can be used to improve potions in the Beacon. You won’t find them by simply exploring the map or killing standard mobs; You have to defeat the mini bosses that you find in each level to get them. You’ll recognize them quickly because the music theme changes; They also take far less damage from your attacks than the standard mobs, and they do more damage to you as well.

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You must carefully study their movements and prepare an appropriate counteroffensive. Prepare to distract and dodge a lot as they will aggressively try to kill you. Once you defeat them, you will get an Alchemy Booster. Be aware that unlike normal enemies, mini-bosses don’t come back to life once you rest at the bonfire, leaving you with a limited amount of alchemy boosters at your disposal.

Using Alchemy Boosters in Thymesia

You can access the potions menu on the beacon and select your preferred potion. Here’s your chance to enhance it with Alchemy Enhancers. You can increase the number of potions you can carry, the health you restore, and unlock one or more (up to three) ingredient slots to add additional effects.

Each time you upgrade any of the three available options, the following upgrade will cost you more on the same line. In total, you need 18 alchemy boosters to fully upgrade a potion.

How to use potion ingredients

During your adventure in the Hermes kingdom, you can even find different ingredients to improve your potions. They can be obtained from enemies, just like the Alchemy Enhancers, but in this case, a kill doesn’t guarantee you’ll get an ingredient every time.

Ingredients have several interesting effects: sage, for example, further increases the amount of health you restore, while cinnamon increases the damage done to enemies for half a minute. Thyme lets you regain some energy instead. If you combine three ingredients correctly, you can unlock up to eight recipes for your potions.

If you are still struggling with Thymesia, you can read our beginner’s guide here and also discover the best talents to unlock early in the game.

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