Thymesia: How To Get All Endings

As expected with most games in the Souls genre, Thymesia has more than one ending. In fact, this challenging action RPG is a sport a total of five endings for you if you want to see everything and unlock all the trophies of the game. Don’t worry though, as they’re all pretty easy to get without multiple playthroughs. We tell you how to do it.

How to get all endings in Thymesia

First, They must complete all levels with bosses to earn their unique cores, some of which are in optional sub-missions. Once you’ve defeated all the bosses and gotten their cores, you’ll have one last mission where you’ll fight the final boss, and after defeating them you’ll be asked to choose two of the cores you’ve gotten into an item combine required to unlock an ending.

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Thankfully, you don’t have to play through the entire game over and over again to get every ending. Instead, you can earn them all simply by defeating the final boss multiple times in a single playthrough. To achieve that, beat the boss and Select “No” when asked if the result was true be taken back to Philosopher’s Hill. From here you can fight the boss again to get a different ending and repeat the process until you get all five. Here are all five endings and how to earn them.

power of the abominable blood

Combine the core of the god of fools and the core of the sound of the abyss.

Blessing of the Pure Blood

Combine the Urd core and the Varg core.

Harmonized Power

Combine the Mutated Scent Core and the Hanged Queen Core.

power of purification

This one is easy to miss. You will first combine the Mutated Odur Core and the Hanged Queen Core like you did for the Harmonized Force ending. However, hold the stick during the final cutscene and Corvus will eventually advance a bit, triggering an ending in which he sacrifices himself.

Chaotic Power

For this ending, simply choose from any combination of cores that don’t trigger other endings. For example, pick the Hanged Queen Core and Varg Core for a quick and easy option.

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