TikTok Servers Tested The Best Hairstyles For Tips & They Quickly Found A Winner

If you’re a woman who has a job that involves tipping, you might be surprised to learn that your hairstyle can have a huge impact on how much money you take home.

Several servers on TikTok have started testing hairstyles at work to see how well each one works, and the result has been pretty clear — and maybe a little problematic.

The trend appears to have started with TikToker Grace Velez, who told followers her tips varied greatly depending on the hairstyle.

Velez posted a TikTok of herself wearing pigtails to work, sharing that this hairstyle makes her tip twice as much as she normally gets. The video has since racked up over 1.4 million views and inspired many others to test their theory.

“When you wear pigtails to work and tip twice as much as usual,” reads the caption for Velez’s video.

Comments on her video were fairly divided, with many attempting to explain why pigtails work so well. Many people have shared their own experiences with the hairstyle, and it sounds like the biggest factor is how men perceive braids.

“They told us to do that at Girl Scouts to sell more cookies,” one user wrote in one of the darker comments on the video.

“This week I wore pigtails for the first time in my life and I promise you I got 10x more attention than I used to… what’s wrong with this world?” read another comment.

Another user wrote, “Rather than blaming women for sporting a literal hairstyle, why not blame men for sexualizing them?”

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Other women have been posting about tips and braids over the past few days, but one user really put the trend to the test.

TikToker Bella Woodard has been systematically trying different hairstyles to see what works, and her first video about it has over 5.5 million views as of this writing.

Of course, she started with a set of braided pigtails.

“If this works, I’m just going to say that’s so weird and gross, but I’m open to more tips, so it doesn’t matter,” Woodard said during the video.


Braids are a fan favorite #braids #waitress

She then comes back with an update: The pigtails worked great.

“You didn’t lie. I got a $135 tip from a guy tonight,” Woodard shared in her update. “Wear braids to work. I will do that every day.”

One commenter wrote: “Works every time; I used to call them my tiptails.”

Woodard also tested several other hairstyles like space buns, super high braids, ball braids, dutch braids, half braids and so many more.

After each hairstyle, she returns from her shift and gives an update on which hairstyles worked and which didn’t bring her as many tips.

It turned out that dutch braids, ball braids, and high braids were the winners and garnered her the most tips, while buns generally didn’t work that well.


In reply to @Nirca J Marquez Vela braids work best #braids #waitress #hairstyles #space bun

So if the tipping culture is paying your bills, try wearing pigtails the next time you go to work.

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That is, if you can handle all the baggage that comes with them!

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