Topless Junos protester has bared her chest for trees in Victoria before this latest scandal

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The audience was stunned to see the Junos on March 13 when a half-naked woman took the stage in protest against Canada’s anti-environmental industry.

The environmental protester is linked to On2Ottawa, the same group that organized a protest at the Royal BC Museum Someone spread paint at the woolly mammoth exhibition.

Avril Lavigne read from a teleprompter to introduce AP Dhillon, the first Punjabi act to perform at the Junos, when a woman baring her breasts walked onto the stage seemingly unnoticed.

Lavinge finally saw the woman standing behind her and her knee-jerk reaction was to tell the smiling woman to “get off the stage”. The punk princess of Canada said the woman robbed AP Dhillon of his hour.

The same woman had similar antics protest against the cutting down of old trees here in Victoria approx. August 2022.

Last year, Casey Hatherly, whose chosen name is simply “Ever,” climbed the Victoria Visitors Center on the corner of Wharf Street and Government Street, draped banners over the tourist information center and removed her shirt, which had the words “961 days to go” on it see were” written on her body.

The countdown of days refers to a statement by Sir David King in February 2022, who said: “What we do over the next three to four years… will determine the future of mankind.”

“My dangerous areolas pose a threat to some,” Ever, 37, said, acknowledging the societal uneasiness when women bare their breasts.

“I’m raising awareness to sound the alarm for our world in crisis – a place where ancient trees that give us all the oxygen we breathe are being cut down for profit.”

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Ever stayed at the visitor center for over two hours. VicPD arrived at the scene but did not attempt to remove or arrest them.

Prior to that incident in Victoria, Ever had also run shirtless onto the field of a soccer game that was being played at Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium in June 2022.

This time, too, she bared her breasts and glued herself to the goalpost, delaying the game.


During the Junos, she had similarly environmentally conscious messages on her body. “Save the Greenbelt”, “Land Back” and “Save Old Growth” were all messages she wanted to convey to the large number of Canadians watching the live awards ceremony.

After the capture of the Junos disruptor, Ever spoke outside the courthouse in Edmonton, Alberta, to CBC and local journalists.

“We’ve gotten international attention, and even if people aren’t asking the right questions now, they will,” Ever said.

Ever, she says she’s committed to Ottawa next to call for a town hall meeting. This is the same message from the Royal BC Museum Protester painting pink paint on woolly mammoth exhibit wanted to spread. Both women are part of the On2Ottawa group.

“To get people’s attention, you have to do something drastic,” Ever said on the front steps of the courthouse.

“I have perfect tits and a huge ass so I got the attention On2Ottawa needs,” she added while acknowledging her privilege.

— With files by Mike Kelly, Victoria Buzz.


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