Toronto visual producer speaks on the latest Kids Help Phone campaign with over 400,000 views

Toronto-based artist manager and video producer Hayley Lennox is just one of the many moving parts that came together to bring to life the Kids Help Phone Campaign visual for What I Wouldn’t Do (North Star Calling).

The song, a musical hybrid of Serena Ryder’s “What I Wouldn’t Do” and Leela Gilday’s “North Star Calling”, was released March 2 by The Kids Help Phone for their Feel Out Loud initiative to raise awareness of the Raising conversation around mental health and empowering young people.

The music video has amassed 416,302 views and features over 50 artists across the country including Alessia Cara, JESSIA, Johnny Orlando, Roy Woods and TOBi. It was produced by Bob Ezrin, Carrie Mudd of Peacock Alley Entertainment, Randy Lennox and Hayley Lennox of Loft Entertainment.

Lennox grew up surrounded by a creative family and has always been inspired by storytelling and artists. “I discovered a passion for music and film and that’s how I started producing. I’m also an artist manager. So I really surround myself with those two,” she told Now Toronto.

Kids Help Phone approached Loft Entertainment to bring about change in the field of children’s mental health and Lennox was moved by the opportunity.

According to the press release, young people have connected to Kids Help Phone more than 14 million times since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Due to the pandemic, and every day, more and more children are calling who need these services. So we put this beautiful music video together to raise awareness so they can expand the services and it’s just been such a worthwhile project.”

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Lennox believes this project is one of the most meaningful she has ever worked on and emphasizes that mental health affects everyone. “It was so much fun but also so meaningful because it was so nice to see the 50+ artists get together and talk about their own experiences for a good cause.”

“The end product allowed everyone who worked on the video to see the full impact of their efforts,” she continued.

“It’s so moving to see the comments and feedback and to tell other people their own stories of how this song and video, whether they’ve seen it on YouTube or heard it on the radio, has impacted and inspired their lives to shake hands or to confront the problem they are going through.”

Feel Out Loud’s fundraising goal is $300 million to expand access to mental health through the Kids Help Phone by 2024. All proceeds collected from What I Wouldn’t Do (North Star Calling) will be donated to the initiative.

For more information on Kids Help Phone’s Feel Out Loud campaign, visit the Kids Help Phone website.


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