Tower of Fantasy: Best Healers

tower of fantasy is an exciting free-to-play open-world role-playing game that rivals Genshin Impact. tower of fantasyThe characters playable in the game are known as “Simulacra”. There are currently 15 playable simulacra characters in the game, divided into two rarities. Five are SR rarities earned through early game story quests. The remaining ten are SSR rarity tokens, which are the most valuable.

There are currently only four healer/support style characters. This guide will evaluate each one and look at their skills, strengths, and weaknesses.


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Pepper is the perfect beginner support character in Tower of Fantasy. She is an SR character obtained during early game story quests, and she carries the Staff of Scars. Pepper can create an energy shield with a skill called Sanctuary that can heal allies and reduce damage taken by 3% for 10 seconds. This useful skill has a 60 second cooldown, so players must use this healing skill with caution.

She provides an excellent base heal, but players will want to upgrade her quickly to maximize their loadout. Fully upgraded to six stars, she can grant 60% damage reduction to all teammates within her range. Her two awakening traits, Revival and Source, both increase restoration effects by 100% and 200% respectively when she spends Saturation to restore her HP.


Nemesis is a great burst healer with significant AoE group healing for her allies, wielding her Volt weapon Venus. Her attacks can easily electrify opponents and negate any buffs they receive. For a healer character, she can also do a decent amount of AoE damage while healing, making her a great support and DPS hybrid.

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Nemesis’ Awakening traits are Metamorphosis and Sublimation at 1200 and 4000 points respectively. After summoning an auto-aiming electrode, Nemesis can deal Volt damage equal to 60% of total Attack Power to all enemies within 30 yards. It also heals all allies within range for 120% Attack Power.


One of the most effective support characters in the game, Zero has defensive gear. His weapon of choice is the Negating Cube and his element is fire; its burn effect reduces all enemy healing.

He can also shield himself and nearby allies for 10 seconds, absorbing up to 800% of damage. When the shield is damaged, it reflects the damage back onto its enemies, providing a useful offensive function. This shockwave skill can knock enemies into the air and dislodge them. Zero can also heal his team, but this ability is locked behind advancements one and three.

coco knight

With the Absolute Zero weapon, Coco Knight is currently the best supporting healing unit. Her weapon has CC abilities and uses her ice element to freeze enemies in place. Her Sanctuary skill creates a healing zone that automatically follows her movement, creating the perfect on-call ambulance for those in need of extra healing! She can also summon healing bees to follow her and massively heal allies.

Cocoritter’s healing is directly proportional to her maximum attack stat, similar to Pepper. Her awakening traits grant bonus healing. At 1200 points, Assistance allows Cocoritter to increase her healing effectiveness by 20% when using an assist weapon. At 4000 points, the Confidence trait also increases the attack power of nearby allies by 15% for 5 seconds after using a support weapon’s discharge or skill. Her Discharge ability also provides healing over time and a continuous debuff remover for seven seconds. She can heal easily while increasing her damage and usefulness on the battlefield.

tower of fantasy can be played on Android and iOS devices. It’s also playable on PC, downloadable via the official website, and will be released for download on Steam later this year.

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