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  • Chakram Of The Seas (Shiro)
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With Tower of Fantasy posing as a sci-fi alternate to the acclaimed Genshin Impact, fans are treated to a thrilling journey in the world of Aida as remnants of mankind try to rebuild a bastion of civilization. However, as characters in this Genshin Impact competitor fight for the rare Omnium resource, players may have to pit their protagonists against other fighters in thrilling PVP battles.

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Thankfully, Tower of Fantasy does have a slate of powerful PVP weapons for players to covet. Acquiring one of these weapons may be able to give players a powerful edge against the competition. However, just what are the most powerful PVP weapons in the game so far?


Molten Shield V2 (Huma)

  • Combat Strength: 272
  • Shatter Strength: 10.00
  • Charge Speed: 10.00

Despite her unimposing nature, Huma and her Shield/Axe specialization allow her to get into the frontlines without worrying about her safety. After all, her Shield/Axe combo gives her the same defensive domination as Geo Characters in Genshin Impact. While her Molten Shield V2 already allows her to capitalize on her area-of-effect capabilities for area denial, the weapon also complements her multi-weapon toolkit. At its core, Huma is capable of dishing out hard-hitting slow moves with her axe or transforming it into a shield to protect her from damage before unleashing a fierce counter. This attack/defense switch allows her to hold out on her own in most combat situations.

Skill: Fire, Fission

This hybrid weapon highlights Huma’s specialization in both defense and offense, especially with Fission. When activated, Huma converts Molten Shield V2 from a shield into an axe and smashes the ground. This deals 373.8-percent of her ATK as damage to the enemy as well as suspends them. Not only that, but this also creates a flame zone for five (5) seconds that burns the target with 233.6-percent of ATK.

Meanwhile, this Skill also has an alternate mode, where Huma converts her axe into a shield and slams the ground instead. This deals 309.5-percent of ATK to a target and knocks them back. Not only that, this prevents them from switching weapons up to five (5) seconds, perfect to deter PVP foes from alternating builds.

Discharge: Seething Rage

When Huma unleashes the full extent of her Molten Shield V2, she uses Seething Rage. This releases a fiery shockwave that deals 352-percent of ATK. This Taunts enemies and boosts 15-percent damage reduction for Huma, cementing her defensive sub-role. Not only that, shield-shaped objects appear around Huma for each taunted creature, with each shield providing 5-percent damage reduction for 10 seconds at the cost of one (1) dodge restriction.

This Discharge allows Huma to capitalize on her defense to deter enemy attacks, especially with her damage reduction specialty. When combined with the rest of her toolkit, this Discharge can leave enemies wide open for counters.

Thunderblades (Crow)

  • Combat Strength: 272
  • Shatter Strength: 6.00
  • Charge Speed: 8.00

As a Double Blades wielder, Crow specializes in rapid attacks and outpacing the enemy to ensure they fall before they even react, and such is the capacity of the Thunderblades for him. Its Returning Blades (Skill) and Orbiting Blades (Discharge) give Crow a lot of room to exploit his toolkit, all of which focus on being hyper-mobile to catch enemies or attack multiple times in a row to rake in damage numbers. This build makes Crow similar to teleporting Keqing in Genshin Impact, especially when factoring in the speed component.

Skill: Volt, Returning Blades

Despite his nature as a close-ranged combatant, Crow’s Thunderblades give him an opportunity to strike at a distance. Activating Returning Blades gives him six returning blades, of which each blade deals 52.8-percent of the player’s ATK as damage.

Players also gain hyberbody for up to eight seconds, further boosting their performance throughout the rest of the combat encounter. All the bonus effects end as soon as the blades return, after which the Skill has a 45-second cooldown.

Discharge: Orbiting Blades

Crow capitalizes on his specialization in backstabbing foes for maximum carnage, with his Thunderblades Discharge (Orbiting Blades) allowing him to blink immediately to his target’s location. Not only does he deal 86.9-percent of ATK as damage, but he also electrocutes the target to give his team an opening to attack.

As an added bonus, players deal extra Volt damage after five (5) seconds based on 15-percent of the damage they’ve dealt throughout the Discharge. During the Discharge period, Crow also gets three blades around him that deal damage equal to 65.5-percent of the player’s ATK should enemies come close to him.

Ice Wind Arrow (Tsubasa)

  • Combat Strength: 272
  • Shatter Strength: 4.00
  • Charge Speed: 11.50

The Bow is a rather surprising weapon to make an appearance in a sci-fi game like Tower of Fantasy, and it competes quite well with the likes of automatic EM Blasters. At the hands of Tsubasa, her Ice Wind Arrow capitalizes on the knock-back and stunning opportunity of her Ice element typing. These work well with Tsubasa’s kit, which mostly comprises hard-hitting single-target attacks, similar to the single-target specialization of the archer Amber in Genshin Impact.

Skill: Ice, Piercing Shot

There’s no question that Tsubasa dominates the range game, especially with her Ice Wind Arrow. Activating Piercing Shot allows her to backflip and fire three shots, with the primary attack dealing 258.3-percent of her ATK and the rest dealing 60-percent damage.

Not only that, enemies get knocked back and suffer a 5-second stun if they collide with an obstacle. Considering its nifty 12-second cooldown, this Skill is rather a nifty combo finisher or a combo starter, especially in confined areas where obstacles are often plentiful.

Discharge: Explosive Barrage

When Tsubasa unleashes the full power of her Ice Wind Arrow, she creates a hailstorm in a target location. This storm, courtesy of Explosive Barrage, deals 570-percent of her ATK to enemies, which is devastating enough on its own. What’s worse is that this skill also has a 10-percent chance of Freezing opponents for two seconds.

Not only that, this Discharge gives a cold front, giving players a 45-percent speed boost for seven (7) seconds – perfect for quick escapes or repositioning for efficient vantage points should players find themselves at a disadvantage.

Venus (Nemesis)

  • Combat Strength: 273
  • Shatter Strength: 6.00
  • Charge Speed: 8.00

One could describe Nemesis and her penchant for rapid attacks as similar to Electro speedster Keqing of Genshin Impact, although this time Nemesis boasts long-distance supremacy. Thanks to her Venus, Nemesis possesses a lot of means to ruin the environment for her foes (Particle Beam Burst) and multiple knock-down opportunities (Pulse Lock). In fact, unlike other hard-hitting EM Blasters, Nemesis’s kit relies more on knocking down opponents and stunning them consistently, leaving them with no room to recover and commit to counter-attacks.

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Skill: Volt, Pulse Lock

When Nemesis uses Venus, she can use Pulse Lock to fire a guided missile towards an enemy to deal 233.2-percent of her ATK and knock them down. This has a 25-second cooldown, making it a rather efficient combo starter for the rest of her and her team’s rotations.

Despite the simplistic and straightforward nature of this attack, this Skill is meant to synergize with the rest of Nemesis’s kit and her long-ranged domination. Her capacity as a distance-based fighter makes this Skill attack an effective way to deter the enemy’s assault, allowing her to prepare for the rest of her rotations in PVP.

Discharge: Particle Beam Burst

By the time Nemesis wants to unleash Particle Beam Burst, she does so with a cross-shaped ray at the ground. When she does this, her surrounding area becomes an unstable area and gives a 70-percent movement reduction to her targets, severely hindering their damage opportunities. Not only that, but this attack also unleashes a fierce EM burst that deals 393.9-percent of attack near the target’s position.

On top of these devastating effects, that EM burst transforms into an electrode that attacks opponents once every 1.5-seconds with 39.9-percent of the player’s ATK. This EM burst also gains 100-percent of Nemesis’s stats, making this a potent minion to assist Nemesis in combat. The downside here is that the electrode does lose 3-percent of its Max HP every second, and with only one electrode being able to exist at a time.

Chakram Of The Seas (Shiro)

  • Combat Strength: 272
  • Shatter Strength: 10.00
  • Charge Speed: 6.00

Compared to the standard slate of weapons in Genshin Impact, the Chakram is definitely a more exotic choice of a weapon category in Tower of Fantasy. The imposing Chakram serves as the trusty weapon of Shiro, allowing her to unleash swinging strikes on enemies around her in quick succession. More impressively, her Chakram of the Seas allows Shiro to capitalize on AOE opportunities to secure area denial advantages, complementing the rest of her kit that gives her enough flexibility to accommodate all ranges.

Skill: Grievous, Full Bloom

Shiro specializes in using the Chakram of the Seas, especially when it comes to activating its special features. When triggered, Full Bloom releases a chakra domain around the user for eight (8) seconds that pulls enemies inside while giving them a 30-percent speed debuff. Not only that, this domain summons five chakrams that attack said enemies for 24.2-percent of ATK up to five times.

This Skill is a rather efficient AOE that may be used not just for multiple enemies, but single foes with a number of summonables as well as mobile opponents that may be hard to hit with precision shots. Shiro’s capability to tackle any range greatly incentivizes this build.

Discharge: Spirit Of The Air

When unleashing Spirit of the Air, Shiro will throw the Chakram of the Seas to a target to stun them for one second. More than that, the Chakram will also proceed to attack up to three other units per second that deals 41.4-percent ATK across ten seconds, alongside a 10-percent stun chance.

For a character like Shiro that is capable of adjusting to almost any combat situation, this kind of Discharge is a great way to capitalize on her ability to dish out attacks from any direction as well.

Scythe Of The Crow (King)

  • Combat Strength: 272
  • Shatter Strength: 12.50
  • Charge Speed: 5.00

The enigmatic King is easily husbando material similar to the likes of Childe and Diluc in Genshin Impact, but he’s much more ruthless when holding the Scythe of the Crow. As a Scythe user, King specializes in swift swinging attacks that aim to disorient foes – either knocking them back or stunning them to submission. Combined with the hard-hitting nature of his Skill (Mortal Coil) and the AOE of his Discharge (Flaming Scythe), King easily dominates the short-to-mid-range play.

Skill: Fire, Mortal Coil

One of the most straightforward Skills in the game belongs to King’s Scythe of the Crow. Activating Mortal Coil will have him swing his Scythe, dealing 499.9–percent of his ATK to enemies. This move has a 45-second cooldown, making it a great combo starter or a combo finisher for rotations.

Despite its simple nature, this does simplify combat for King mains and encourages more efficient use of his kit. Thanks to his Scythe already serving as an effective mid-range weapon, King wouldn’t have much trouble closing the gap with an opponent and use this Skill as a finisher.

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Discharge: Flaming Scythe

When King activates this Flaming Scythe, he transforms the Scythe of the Crow into a flaming scythe that deals 398-percent ATK damage to foes. This Discharge lasts for ten seconds, giving players ample time to dish out more powerful combos in tandem with this period.

However, what’s perhaps more powerful is how this effect also conjures flaming domains every two seconds, summoning volcanic eruptions that deal 66-percent of King’s ATK to targets and suspends them. As such, this Discharge becomes a nifty crowd control method for enemies.

Negating Cube (Zero)

  • Combat Strength: 272
  • Shatter Strength: 5.0
  • Charge Speed: 13.00

Despite its unimposing nature as a ranged attacker similar to the likes of Mona in Genshin Impact, the Negating Cube of Zero is perhaps the most potent among the Enchanted Cube types. His Omnium Shield is a perfect complement to the rest of his kit due to its defensive components. At its core, Negative Cube’s emphasis on hard-hitting ranged attacks as well as self-surrounding attacks that deter the enemy’s advance gives Zero plenty of room to remain safe in combat.

Skill: Flame, Omnium Shield

When Zero activates Omnium Shield, the Negating Cube creates a powerful shield that protects Zero and his allies. Such is the power of this shield that it can block up to 800-percent of ATK in damage for up to 10 seconds, while at the same time launching targets and attacking them for 142.9-percent of Zero’s ATK.

Players who like collecting Cubes may capitalize on this Skill, as each Cube in the player’s possession will add 160-percent of Zero’s ATK to this Skill’s shielding capabilities. Although not the most powerful offensive tool, this Skill definitely is a great deterrent against powerful enemies.

Discharge: Omnium Wave

By the time Zero activates Omnium Wave, he conjures five Cubes that he unleashes along with a strong shockwave. This shockwave alone deals 171-percent of ATK damage to targets and launches them in the air, leaving them quite vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Not only that, but each Cube that Zero summons can deal 48.5-percent of ATK as damage to enemies, further increasing his output. In team settings, allies gain three-second damage immunities when players use this Discharge.

Dual EM Stars (Samir)

  • Combat Strength: 272
  • Shatter Strength: 6.00
  • Charge Speed: 10.70

Samir and her Dual EM Stars remain the pinnacle of brutal long-ranged attacks with a dash of paralysis, something that puts her in line with other Electro characters from competitor Genshin Impact. Unlike the latter’s slower characters, however, Samir’s possession of these Dual Pistols allows her to outpace foes and rake up damage numbers much faster even amongst her Volt counterparts. The AOE specialization of Dual EM Stars complements Samir’s multi-targeting toolkit, giving her the means to attack opponents across different vantage points.

Skill: Volt, EM Electro Field

Samir is capable of balancing defense and offense with Electro Field, wherein she fires an EM Star to create an energy shield at a location. Damage is reflected inside this shield, effectively confining the targets stuck inside it. Not only that, this Skill deals 269.8-percent of Samir’s ATK to enemies alongside a strong suspension effect, leaving them wide open for follow-ups.

This ability makes Samir quite a behemoth on the battlefield. When used in tandem with her quick-paced attacks, this Skill allows Samir to give herself a degree of protection while expanding her combat options.

Discharge: Domain of Thunder

When Samir uses the full extent of her EM Stars, her Domain of Thunder summons a Domain in the target location that suspends enemies stuck in the location. This initial blast deals 28.3-percent of ATK over three attacks, with the domain lasting for a total of 3.5-seconds. Enemies stuck in the domain during this duration will receive 42.4-percent of ATK every 0.5 seconds.

Not only that, but this Discharge also dispels all the buffs the enemy has, effectively reducing their overall damage output. Considering the rapid-fire nature of Samir’s combat, fighting an enemy in their “blank slate” state can have her outpace them in terms of numbers quickly.

Tower of Fantasy is currently available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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