Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Monocross Unicorn Mount

There are eight vehicles on the road tower of fantasy, and you need to unlock seven of them. Of those seven, six are hidden behind exploration and certain enemy drops. One of the harder to get vehicles is the Monocross unicorn mount.

Still, it’s worth the effort to add to your inventory, as traversing the world on the back of some mythical mechanical creature is way cooler than whatever the starting vehicle is. Here’s how to find the four pieces you need to ride the unicorn. While one of them is pretty easy to get, the others are a pain. We cover the pieces you need in order of difficulty.

Where can I find the Monocross unicorn parts?

Power Core location

By far the longest part of finding the Monocross, you should Begin your quest for the Power Core by baking a Fiddlehead Pie. You’ll need two Fiddlehead plants, which you can find near Banges Tech, and two stalks of brown rice, which you can find in Navia’s grasslands.

Once you have two Fiddleheads and the brown rice, go to any cooking station and select Creation at the bottom of the menu. Put the ingredients in the stove and start cooking. You may not get Fiddlehead Pie on the first try, so keep adding ingredients until you make it or get 100% success.

Next, go to The Lab Spacerift and head northwest. You should see a large blue and red crystal formation.

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When you face him, head to the left against the cliff wall and you should see a shiny object on the ground. Collect the Strange Remains there.

Using the Fiddlehead Pie and the Strange Residue, teleport back to The Lab Spacerift and head straight south. you check a character named Stoker. He’s nested in an alcove on the west side of Area 4, but the easiest landmark on the map is the tutorial marker at the very end of the Goldrush Mountain label. You will see a cross hatch of steel beams in the wall.

Go to the area behind the beam and give Stoker the Strange Residue and the Fiddlehead Pie. Exhaust his dialogue and then head back to the crystal formation. There are now three devices in front of it. Activating them will bring up a Switch to Gear menu. Choose from left to right:

Once the three devices are active, a short cutscene will play, and you can collect both the Ore Chunk and the Unicorn Power Core.

Position of the bionic frame

Getting the Bionic Frame is a two part process. First travel to the Space Rift in the Southern Naa Fjords North of the Warren Snowfield, then make your way across the ice to the large circular structure called further north dawn border.

From one of the ice platforms, use the jetpack to reach the side and climb to the top. Go to the complex door and enter Code 7092 enter.

Once inside the complex, turn around until you come across patrolling AI helper guards that look like swimming crabs. You’ll have to sneak past everyone, down a flight of stairs, and around one final helper to reach an alcove with a supply pod.

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You’ve come to the right place with the helpers patrolling the short corridor. The pod is in the alcove to the left of the short hall.

Position of the unicorn head

It wouldn’t be tower of fantasy Search for rare items without RNG. To get the unicorn head you need to farm certain enemies in the Navia region, specifically Devotee Noah and Devotee Boar. Both have less than a 1% chance of dropping the itemso expect to farm them for a while.

Devotee Noah place

Head northwest from the Parliament Spacerift and up the cliffs to the Small Stronghold at the north end of the bridge. Devotee Noah rests here beside the bridge.

Devotee boar place

Travel to the Crown Omnium Tower, then east-southeast to the small fort on the coast. Devotee Eber will be sitting by a hut there.

Unicorn Cyberlimbs location

The easiest way to get to the Unicorn Cyberlimbs is to travel straight south Warren Snowfield Peak space plan in the northwest of the zone.

They’re looking for a water tower high on a hill. At the base of the tower are three Treasure Guardians. Defeat them, jetpack onto the platform and collect the Cyberlimps from the supply pod.

When you have collected all the parts of the monocross mount, go to the vehicle screen and unlock it. Be sure to equip it to show off to all the other hikers who don’t already have it. Go after that Maglev Stalker next and check out ours List of best weapon tiers while you’re here too. Go to our tower of fantasy leads hub for more content.

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