Train Sim World 3: How To Uncouple

Train Sim World 3 has numerous mechanics that can confuse players, but this guide will focus on hitching and unhitching trains.

players having fun Train Sim World 3 belong to a completely different class. Train Sim World 3 Gamers mostly like to sit back and have a relaxed gaming experience, unless they hit a wall, which can be frustrating when playing a simulator.

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Train Sim World 3 may seem like a game anyone could get through, but that’s easier said than done. Train Sim World 3 has amazing level design and lots of mechanics that can leave players scratching their heads even for something as simple as uncoupling train cars. Luckily, this guide covers uncoupling wagons and more.

How to uncouple wagons in Train Sim World 3

Train Sim World 3 - Grass

  1. To uncouple carriages, including a bullet train, walk to the carriages or use the external camera.
  2. Go to the wagon that needs to be uncoupled.
  3. Locate the clutch on the wagon, which should be in the locked position.
  4. Use the cut bar to uncouple the wagon.

How to couple wagons in Train Sim World 3

Train Sim World 3 - Orange Train

  1. To pair wagons, walk to the wagons or use the external camera.
  2. Make sure the couplers on the wagons are in the correct position for automatic coupling. To do this, the couplings on both wagons must be open.
  3. Use the cut bar on both wagons to open them.
  4. Once the crossing is lined up correctly, slowly navigate the train towards the wagon that needs to be coupled.
  5. Do not drive too fast to avoid derailing when hitching. Brake to slow the train’s approach. Since most wagons are equipped with automatic articulated couplings, once they are connected, they will be coupled automatically.

    – Using the outside camera is the easiest way to uncouple or couple wagons. – Before hitching wagons, make sure the cut bar is open to prevent them from bouncing.

How to fix the problem with uncoupling wagons

Train Sim World 3 - Purple Train

Many players have reported having problems uncoupling wagons inside or outside of a station. Players would uncouple wagons, and when they started rolling, the wagons would re-couple. Luckily, this problem can be solved by following this simple workaround:

  1. Brake to 30-50% and uncouple the cars.
  2. Set throttle to 1-2.
  3. The train moves painfully slowly, but watch out for the separation in the couplers.
  4. Once the clutches have separated, release the brakes.

Train Sim World 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

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