Transparency In Selection Process Is Key To India’s Success In Sporting Arena, Says PM Modi

Transparency in the selection process is key to India's success in the sporting arena, says PM Modi
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday India has come a long way in terms of transparency in national athlete selection and that this is key to the country’s success in multi-sport events. Modi said the negative influence of nepotism is not just limited to politics, but the threat once affected the sports arena as well. “Just like bhai-bhatijawaad ​​(nepotism) in politics, there was a lack of transparency in the selection of players for sports competitions. This was a big factor due to which our players’ talent was wasted,” Modi said while addressing the nation on the country’s 76th Independence Day.

“You have struggled against such difficulties all your life. But the situation has now changed and players are touching the sky. The shine of gold and silver medals boosts our youngsters’ self-confidence. “This is just the beginning, because India will neither tire nor stand still here. The days are not far off when we will win multiple gold medals,” added Modi.

At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, India bowed out with a record seven medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze) and followed that feat with 61 medals, including 22 golds at the just-concluded CWG in Birmingham. Modi has consistently met and interacted with athletes before and after major events. He had received the Indian contingents following the Tokyo Olympics and the recently concluded Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

During his address, Modi stressed the need to weed out corruption and dynasty politics from all the country’s institutions, including sports federations. “The shadow of Parivarvaad lies on several institutions. Family rule affects our many institutions, damages our talent, harms the nation’s capabilities, and breeds corruption. “We have to develop intolerance for this in order to save institutions. The welfare of the family has nothing to do with the welfare of the nation. Let’s free India’s politics and institutions from the shackles of Parivaarwad,” he said. “We must prevent this in institutions and in sport. We must start a revolution against this. That is our social responsibility. We need transparency.”

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The Sports Authority of India’s Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) has seen a sea change when it comes to athlete support and development. SAI tracks the performance of supported athletes throughout the year and ensures selection is transparent in TOPS.

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