TravelPulse in LAX: “How to sale after the pandemic” per the Tahiti Specialist Conference

“How to Sell Post Pandemic?” was the theme of the afternoon conference that concluded the first day of the Tahiti Specialist Conference, which runs through September 16 in Los Angeles. Everything was orchestrated by Noel Morrison, Director of Communications at Tahiti Tourisme.

“Priorities have changed since the pandemic, and you and your customers have changed, so the old ways will no longer work,” said guest speaker Shawna Suckow, CSP and CVP. to the assembled agents who wanted to stock up on tips and tricks to sell better in this post-pandemic time.


“What used to work doesn’t work anymore”

Clients won’t care about you or your services until they care about you because it’s about the person now, she continues. Never before have we taken the human factor into account as much as we do today.

The question was asked: What do you think is the second most visited section on your website?

The answer: About us…

“Your job as an agent is to differentiate yourself from the competition. And your competition isn’t the other agents, the people you contact will just want to ask questions and use your knowledge, and then they’ll book themselves, you know why? Because they don’t care, they don’t know you. They don’t care about you on a human level.”

According to the speaker, people need to see and recognize human value in order to buy from them. “Then when they’re ready to book that $20,000 trip, you have to come first. You have to be unforgettable, you have to create value, you have to stand out so that they think of you and book with you.”

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The conference provided agents with some tips on how to do this, including:

Video email is the future. Your customers will get to know you. It’s human and appreciated, don’t be shy, it really needs to become a new reflex.

Build a community of ambassadors.Why not offer Starbucks gift cards in exchange for a review on Facebook or Google?

Ask your customers to share Sharing their travel photos and videos with you will help you build your community and there are many travelers, especially millennials, just waiting. Use it to your advantage!

The conference closed with a question: “It would be a shame to return to normal before then, wouldn’t it?”

The human factor is so much more important than it used to be, we must not forget that. We are much “closer” and customers want to know you before they buy from you, never forget that.

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