Tribes Of Midgard: How To Survive Fimbulwinter

It’s a busy time to be the Einherjar. You must protect Midgard from giants and dark creatures while confronting Ragnarok’s impending doom. You can play Tribes of Midgard however you want, but Saga mode always ends on day 15 in Fimbulwinter.

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Fimbulwinter is a sign of the coming of Ragnarok in Norse mythology, manifesting as an endless winter season lasting three years. You can unlock numerous rewards for getting through day 15 as far as you can, including the Guardian class. Here are some tips to help you survive at least until day 20 and get your compensation in Valhalla.


10/10 Upgrade all gates

Three gates surround your village and serve as your first line of defense against the almost nightly sieges of Helthings and Jotnar. When Fimbulwinter arrives, you’ll need hefty gates that can take a beating, as constant waves of enemies will come relentlessly.

Each gate can be upgraded to level 3 with souls, polished stones, wooden planks and wrought iron. Make sure your gates are fully upgraded when endless winter comes. This will greatly reduce the number of rebuilds as there is no gate repair mechanic.

9/10 Constantly give souls to the seed of Yggdrasil

The seed of Yggdrasil, the latest in a long line of magnificent trees in gaming, is the heart of your village. It must be protected from the opposing forces of Ragnarok and requires you to donate souls for its upkeep. In return, you will receive waves of healing.

When endless winter comes, you can count on the inevitable crumbling of the gate every now and then, despite your best efforts. Don’t lose hope and make your way to the Bifrost now. You can still keep the seed of Yggdrasil alive if you keep pouring souls into it, and if you can maintain its 10,000 soul total, that’s even better.

Even if enemies start sucking souls, all is not lost until you reach zero. You still have a chance if you are above 4,000. Just pour in more souls, defeat the closest enemies, and rebuild the gates to prevent more from entering the inner area of ​​the village. As you will constantly be defeating enemies, you will always gain enough souls to refill the tree.

8/10 Get Fenrir’s Rune (and a few others)

During gameplay, you can pick up runes that grant you a variety of buffs. One of the most helpful you can get is the Fenrir Rune. It’s a legendary rune that disables durability, meaning your gear will no longer break with use. This massive boon eliminates the need to repair your weapons and gear while taking on virtually infinite enemies.

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You get the Fenrir Rune after defeating Fenrir, so it’s best to get this done as soon as possible. Other runes that will be of particular use to you are Nott For Speed, which increases your movement speed during the night, Keeper Of Souls, which allows you to keep part of your souls after death, and Soul Powered, which increases your damage dealt increases to the number of souls you have.

7/10 Get powerful ice-resistant clothing

It is the endless winter, so of course it will be extremely cold. Weather effects will quickly drain your health if you don’t have the right wards. As much as you can still craft potions to resist the cold, you’ll have it a lot easier when crafting armor sets that already offer resistance to freezing. At this point in the game, you also want gear that is no less than epic (or level 4) in order to survive.

6/10 Craft at least epic weapons in different elements

Survival isn’t just about defense as you’ll need powerful weapons to conquer Helthings, Jotnar, and Ancients. When the endless winter comes, you should have at least level 4 or epic weapons. As the enemies get tougher, you should increase your damage output.

And while you might have a liking for one particular element, when different types of Jotnar appear, it’s best to mix them up. Considering they will have hundreds of thousands of hitpoints, you should have some backup weapons that are a different element than your main build. More powerful weapons can also have more special abilities, including healing.

5/10 Get all construction sites up and running by the tenth day

Delaying Ragnarok requires a lot of resources, and you’ll spend your early days running around and harvesting plenty. Make sure that while also upgrading your items and village, you also prioritize building the quarry, farm, and lumberyard.

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Even if they’re not fully upgraded, they’re extremely valuable sources to keep stockpiled and ready to take on Fimbulwinter. Once up and running, all you have to worry about is getting special resources like the night-specific Evening Rowan Drops, Starlit Algae, Midnight Yew Essence, and Mushroom Moon Flashes.

4/10 Seek out these jotnar

Every now and then a jotun comes to Midgard to make your life harder. You have about a day and a half between Jotnar every time you defeat one, so you don’t really have to rush to meet them in the earlier days of the game. However, it’s good to defeat them while they’re not overpowered already, as it’s a solid way to get golden horns.

When Fimbulwinter comes, the Jotnar become significantly more powerful. They don’t want them to go near the village at this point. Send out groups to stop them as soon as possible.

3/10 Assign Gate Duty Shifts

If you’re trying to get deep into the apocalyptic winter, it’s best to tackle Saga mode with other players. At least four players in your group will give you the best chances, especially since this allocates more defensive power to each goal. However, you don’t necessarily want every single player in the village all the time.

With waves of enemies coming your way, you’ll likely feel exhausted by the time you hit day 16. If you’re still itching to unlock the Sentinel class or squeeze out more golden horns, then you need to split the scoring into shifts. While one group focuses on enemy defenses, another group handles repairs, crafting potions, adding souls to the tree, and completing any remaining tasks or quests. They should also have a separate group responsible for defeating any invading jotun while the home team protects the tree.

2/10 Obtain potions, traps and bombs

Before Day 15, you can happily roam Midgard without needing a lot of traps and bombs. However, when you’re surrounded by violent, soul-hungry enemies, you’ll want to take them down. They’re great at taking down groups of enemies, staggering stronger enemies, and serving as an extra line of defense when the going gets tough.

You should also craft a lot of potions. Since your inventory space is limited, you should keep most of these in the shared war chest for easy retrieval. Potions are your best friend when you need to boost health quickly, fend off winter yourself, or need a movement speed boost.

1/10 Max out your archers

Each gate can have up to two archer towers on its sides, and you should fully upgrade each tower as much as possible. If you find this difficult with everything else you need materials for, you should at least have every tower running with a max archer for each gate.

After all, even an “army of one” like you can’t be in multiple places at once. Drop extra arrows that you don’t use on the archers and you’ll set the enemies ablaze in the final winter. Valhalla is waiting!

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