Triumph Thruxton Super Ten Is a Bespoke Flat Tracker Sporting Handmade Aluminum Overalls

Operating as Onehandmade in Taiwan, Chun Hung is not only a highly skilled bike modding craftsman, but also a man with a truly inspiring story. Although he lost most of his physical abilities in his right arm after a motorcycle accident many years ago, that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his passion and opening his own customization shop after partially recovering.

Well, the bespoke eye-catcher pictured above these heels was built by Chun back in 2016 and is definitely worth checking out even today! This stylish flat tracker goes by the Super Ten name, but in its previous life was an original 2014 Triumph Thruxton 900. Needless to say, Onehandmade’s solo mastermind really went to town here.

After throwing away almost all of the OEM body parts, Chun got busy making the aluminum replacement parts from scratch. Up front you’ll now find license plate-style trim with retro lighting, and the groovy fuel tank sitting further back took three tries to get just right.

The rearmost portion of the Thruxton houses a shortened subframe that supports an all-new tailplane and custom cross-stitched leather saddle. You can see fresh quarter panels adorning the flanks, and the whole thing rests on quality Ohlins catalog aftermarket shocks. Another place where Onehandmade has bet on eleven is the shoe department.

For starters, these intriguing Arlen Ness forged aluminum wheels were supplied, with Maxxis’ flat track-ready DTR-1 rubber hugging their rims on both ends. Then there’s the Super Ten’s upgraded braking hardware, which features a full suite of Beringer components for ample stopping power.

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We also note some Beringer goodies in the cockpit, and they come in the form of discrete switches and a premium clutch master cylinder. Otherwise, this area houses a mix of Rough Crafts and Motogadget items, with the handlebars, riser, and grips coming from the former. The speedometer and handlebar end indicators, on the other hand, come from the Motogadget stock.

Parts developed by Winston Yeh’s Rough Crafts can also be found elsewhere, in the form of a nifty filler cap on the gas tank and billet aluminum footpegs low on the bike’s sides. Ribbed engine covers give his parallel-twin mill a more imposing look, and they come courtesy of The Speed ​​Merchant. The exhaust gases escape through bespoke pipes ending in reverse megaphone mufflers on the right-hand side.

Eventually, the paint job was outsourced to local experts at Air Runner Custom Paint, and keen eyes may have already spotted the influence of the martini paint job in the pinstripes. However, the center line is gold instead of red, so it doesn’t immediately reveal the source of inspiration behind Super Ten’s colorway.

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