Twitch recap 2022: Twitch 2022 recap now available; Here’s how to get it

Every year at this time, Twitch users around the world eagerly await the release of the platform’s year in review. However, in some cases, users’ account settings prevented them from receiving their Twitch summaries. However, Twitch has completely streamlined the process for this year’s roundup. In order to receive their Twitch recaps from last year, fans in particular needed to make sure a certain notification setting was enabled. But according to Twitch’s tweet, viewing your 2022 recap is a straightforward process.

The Japanese grandpa is extremely successful as an art YouTuber

The Japanese grandpa is extremely successful as an art YouTuber

To access your Twitch Summary, just click the link in the tweet. The Community and Viewer tabs are at the top of the page. The Twitch platform overview is displayed in the community option. Your annual review is available to you via the viewer option. Make sure you select the viewer option if you want to view your stats for 2022, which include your watched hours, watched days, channel points earned, and favorite streamers. You can also visit the Twitch home page if the specific summary link isn’t working. A popup should say, “The Twitch Recap is here! See and share everything we made together in 2022.” You should be taken to the summary page if you click the show me button on the right.

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Frequently asked Questions:

  1. How do I access the Twitch Year in Review?
    Twitch provided a link to the Twitch Summary in their tweet.
  2. What is Twitch?
    Twitch is a live streaming platform for all streams from entertainment to gaming.

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