Two ‘Secret’ Canadian Restaurants Have Been Named Among North America’s Best Hidden Spots

Do you love bespoke or unusual dining experiences in Canada?

Well, if hidden restaurants and speakeasies are your vibe, then you should seek out two Canadian restaurants that were recently named North America’s Coolest Secret Restaurants – and they’re both in the same province.

Compiled by Time Out, the list ranks the continent’s top secret restaurants, with a few Canadian establishments receiving notable reputations.

“We love a good hunt, a hard-to-find door, and an impossible-to-get reservation for a place that’s hard to find when you’re actually let in,” the report explains.

In short, the list includes restaurants that require an access code or whose diners may even have to search dark passages “to chase your next meal.”

Already interested?

Luckily for Canadian foodies, two Montreal restaurants have made the final cut. And you will definitely want to try them.

Gia | Montreal

Eighth overall in North America is none other than Gia, an Italian joint that opened in Montreal in 2021.

The chic spot is known for being the spot for grilled meat skewers and an extensive wine selection. But one of the main reasons it has earned a spot on this list is its unique location.

Gia is in an unsightly concrete building behind a Home Depot, so not exactly where you’d expect a hip restaurant to be!

However, it is worth seeking out this hidden spot, especially if you are looking for delicious meat grilled on the charcoal grill or want to settle down with your best friends in a cozy room with a glass of wine.

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Terrace Carla | Montreal

Ranked 16th on Time Out’s list is none other than Terrasse Carla, also in Montreal.

While it may not be as hidden as the one above, this glamorous rooftop bar is located on the sixth floor of the rather nondescript Hampton Inn by Hilton.

If you’re wondering what it’s all about, this restaurant is known for its delicious drinks, beautiful sunset views and French-Vietnamese cuisine.

Outside of Canada, La Noxe in New York City tops the list – which Time Out describes as a combination of “a little noir flair, a little villain air and even less space”.

The bar and tapas spot appears to be “literally underground,” and to get a seat without a reservation you have to ring a bell on a sidewalk. Pretty cool right?

The coveted second place goes to No Relation, a nine-seat Boston sushi restaurant tucked away on Shore Leave in the city’s South End. You need an admission ticket to visit and the menu offers a whopping 14 courses.

Chicago’s Duck Del ranks last in the top three, offering a secret undisclosed location (which you won’t find out until 24-48 hours before you make your reservation) and “quirky classes.” The mystery!

Meanwhile, if you really love food, the best restaurants across Canada were announced earlier this year, and some of them are surprisingly affordable.

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