Tyler Seguin talks Stars upcoming road trip, best Dallas-area golf courses

Stars Center Tyler Seguin recently joined the Hang Zone Sportradio 96.7 FM/1310 The ticket [KTCK-AM] to discuss Dallas’ long road trip ahead of time and answer questions from fans who called in on the show.

Here are some highlights, edited for clarity:

is it shit losing a heartbreaker just before you embark on a two and a half week trip?

Tyler Seguin: I guess those heartthrobs like last night always suck, never mind. But we’ve been at home for so long now and you could say we’re playing well and we don’t really feel like we’re playing at the level we think we can. We think we’ve seen eruptions of it. We think the Colorado game was our best 60-minute game we’ve had, probably all year, or it’s up there in the top pairs, and then we came back and we just didn’t have that consistency . I think we’re looking forward to hitting the road. Just because, like I said, we’ve been home for so long, so you set off, you’re with each other every day. You are faced with different adversities as a group, and on the road you really choose your team play. You have to play smart, you just have to play. You go into difficult buildings, teams that might have an advantage and you have to play this game playoff style. So I think the road trip comes at the perfect time for us as a group.

What’s the atmosphere like in Seattle?

Seguin: It’s a great ice rink. To be honest we only played there once. But it’s kind of weird in season to have a team play back-to-back in their rink, but it’s going to be a little preview of next month’s playoffs, you know, going into hostile environments and against a team that’s playing for a fighting playoff spot and a good hockey team. So look forward to it, of course, first to a big test in Buffalo.

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questions from fans

What are some of your favorite golf courses in and around Dallas?

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Seguin: The best courses? Dallas National Golf Club and Trinity Forest Golf Club are my top two. Then there is Maridoe Golf Club, then Vaccaro Golf Club, I’ve heard TPC Las Colinas and the new PGA Frisco Golf Course is said to be great. I’m looking forward to playing PGA Frisco, but yeah, Dallas National is probably my number one.

Who better to pick up the missing chiclets, John Klingberg or Max Domi?

Seguin: Oh great question. I have to say Max just because he’s the new teammate and linemate. I also like his haircut a bit more than Klingberg’s lately. Klingberg has some flow, I saw it in Minnesota, I don’t think it’s his style, but as for the missing chiclets, I’ll go with Max.

If you put on a wig and gave yourself a fake name and played the Texas Stars at Cedar Park, would you just crush those AHL teams or would it be a contest?

Seguin: Yeah I know the AHL team, you wouldn’t just go down and completely wreck them. They’re still good hockey players down there, it’s still a pretty good pace. It’s a different kind of game, a bit more run-and-gun and less systematic, and it can take some time to adjust at times. But yeah, it’s hard to answer. I’ve never played in the AHL, but I know good hockey players that are down there, and the inches between the top AHL player and the third, fourth row in the NHL, I mean depending on the organization, it could be a call remote, so difficult to answer this one but i think i would do it pretty well but yeah i never have been.

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Listen to the full interview here.

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