Type to Yourself: How to Enable Haptic Keyboard Feedback on Your iPhone

Apple has brought a number of new features to our iPhones with the release of iOS 16. Most people will focus on customizing their lock screen or undo sending messages. Some people may also be busy trying to figure out why their brand new iPhone 14 Pro buzzes when using social media (make sure you update to iOS 16.0.2).

But the little-known Haptic Keyboard Feedback feature, which adds haptic feedback to your keyboard as you type in Apple’s new mobile operating system, also deserves attention.

While Android phones have had this feature for years, iPhone users – and those around them – have grown accustomed to the familiar clicking sound when typing on their device. (You’ve probably heard it on TikTok(Opens in a new window).) But if you want to keep your phone quiet without losing affirmative feedback while you’re typing, here’s how to add haptic feedback to your iPhone keyboard.

How to enable haptic keyboard feedback

haptic keyboard settings

Apple’s iOS 16 may have introduced quieter haptic feedback for your keyboard, but the technology isn’t new to some iPhone users. Introduced in 2015 with the iPhone 6s, 3D Touch presented additional options or commands (and a haptic response) on a long press.

You can enable haptic feedback via Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback. Then switch feel so you can “feel” the keys as you type. While in this menu, you can also disable sound feedback to get rid of the clicking noise when typing.

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Does haptic keyboard feedback affect battery life?

While there have not been widespread reports of haptic keyboard feedback significantly impacting iPhone battery life, Apple warns on its support page(Opens in a new window) Fine print that it might happen. “Turning on keyboard haptics can impact the battery life of your iPhone,” it says.

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Time will tell if enabling haptic keyboard feedback will drain an iPhone battery faster than all the other iOS 16 bells and whistles, but disabling vibration settings is one way to conserve iPhone battery life when you’re in a pinch .

Haptic feedback is now available for all iPhone models compatible with iOS 16. Will you do those around you a favor and turn off the typing, typing, typing on your iPhone keyboard?

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