UEFA Women’s Champions League quarter finals bracket, fixtures and results in 2022/23

The UEFA Women’s Champions League heads to the knockout rounds in 2022/23 as clubs across Europe strive for glory.

Unlike the men’s, the UWCL goes straight to the quarter-finals after the group stage, with only eight clubs qualifying for the knockout rounds.

The teams that are still alive are all heavyweights and everyone will believe they have a real shot at winning silver at the end of the season.

Remarkably, all eight sides now have their way to the Champions League final after the quarter-finals draw took place on 10 February.

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Women’s Champions League 2023 bracket

The UEFA Women’s Champions League 2023 was confirmed on February 10 when the quarter-finals matches were confirmed along with possible semi-finals matches.

The teams listed first below host leg 1, while The second team listed will host Leg 2.

quarter finals

Fit leg 1
Time (GMT / ET)
leg 2
Bayern Munich vs Arsenal BAY 1-0 ARS Wed, March 29th
Lyon vs Chelsea Wed, March 22nd
(17:45 / 13:45)
Thu, March 30th
Roma vs Barcelona Rome 0-1 BAR Wed, March 29th
PSG versus VfL Wolfsburg Wed, March 22nd
(20:00 / 16:00)
Thu, March 30th


Fit leg 1 leg 2
PSG / VfL Wolfsburg vs.
Bayern Munich / Arsenal
22./23. April 29/30 April
Lyons/Chelsea vs.
Rome / Barcelona
22./23. April 29/30 April
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Date Fit Time
(GMT / ET)
Sat June 3rd Semifinal Winner (17:00 / 12:00)

Where will the 2023 UEFA Women’s Champions League Final take place?

The 2023 UEFA Women’s Champions League Final takes place at the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The venue has never hosted a Champions League final, the last major UEFA tournament dating back to the 2005/06 UEFA Cup final.

The Philips Stadion has a capacity of around 35,000 and is home to Dutch club PSV Eindhoven.

Teams in the UEFA Women’s Champions League 2023

This 2022/23 season only eight clubs remain in the Women’s Champions League, some with impressive records in the competition.

The table below contains the total number of quarterfinal appearances for each club and how many UWCL titles they have won. All totals include the UEFA Women’s Cup, which was replaced by the Champions League in 2009.

Four of the remaining clubs are chasing their first European title, while Roma are in the quarter-finals for the first time.

Association country QF
title (last)
arsenal England 14 1 (2007)
Chelsea England 3
Lyons France 13 8 (2022)
PSG France 7
Bayern Munich Germany 5
Vfl Wolfsburg Germany 10 2 (2014)
Roma Italy
Barcelona Spain 8th 1 (2021)

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Women’s Champions League schedule

As usual, the knockout stages of the competition will be separated in time.

Both the quarter-finals and semi-finals are played within a week, but these two stages are separated by a month.

The finals won’t take place until the first Saturday in June, meaning there won’t be any UWCL action in May.

  • Quarter finals: 21-22 March (Stage 1), 29.-30. March (stage 2)
  • Semifinals: 22-23 April (stage 1), 29.-30. April (stage 2)
  • Final: Saturday June 3rd
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Women Champions League TV Channel and Live Stream

The UEFA Women’s Champions League is can be seen exclusively on DAZN this season in most major areas.

The streaming platform has also made a name for itself Watch all games this season for free via her YouTube channel.

All matches will be streamed live for the knockout stages on both platforms.

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