UPDATE: Roads improving in West Central

3. UPDATE: 10:00 am Saturday, March 11th

Travel conditions improved in the West Central area on Saturday morning, but limited visibility is still being experienced in many parts of the area.

Find out about the current road conditions here.

2. UPDATE: Friday, March 10, 11:00 p.m

Due to a snowstorm warning in the West Central region, travel is not recommended at this time.

Blizzard warning in effect for:

  • RM of Antelope Park including Loverna and Hoosier
  • RM of Biggar including Biggar and Springwater
  • RM from Chesterfield including Eatonia and Mantario
  • RM by Eye Hill, including Macklin Denzil and Evesham
  • RM from Grandview including Handel and Kelfield
  • Grass Lake RM including Salvador and Reward
  • RM of Heart’s Hill including Cactus Lake
  • RM of Kindersley including Kindersley Brock and Flaxcombe
  • RM of Mariposa including Tramping Lake and Broadacres
  • RM by Marriott south of Biggar
  • RM from Milton including Alsask and Marengo
  • RM by Monet including Elrose Wartime and Forgan
  • RM of Mountain View including Herschel and Stranraer
  • RM from Newcombe including Glidden and Madison
  • RM from Oakdale including Coleville
  • Pleasant Valley RM including McGee and Fiske
  • RM from Prairiedale, including Major and Smiley
  • RM of Progress including Kerrobert and Luseland
  • RM of Reford including Landis and Leipzig
  • RM from Rosemount including Cando and Traynor
  • RM of Snipe Lake including Eston and Plato
  • RM from St Andrews including Rosetown and Zealandia
  • RM from Tramping Lake, including Scott and Revenue
  • RM from Winslow including Dodsland and Plenty

Blizzard conditions with poor visibility in snow and blowing snow are expected or will occur.

Blizzard conditions are expected to last until around midnight.

Additional snow and blowing snow is expected overnight.

Travel is expected to be dangerous due to limited visibility. If you have poor visibility while driving, slow down, watch for taillights ahead, and stop. Protect yourself from the wind, cold and disorientation by staying protected, indoors or with your vehicle. If you’re stranded in a vehicle, don’t exit it. The vehicle offers a certain degree of protection against the cold. A lone person walking through the snow is harder to find than a broken down car or truck. Limit outdoor activities. Make sure there is shelter for pets and outdoor animals. Public Safety Canada encourages everyone to make an emergency plan and have an emergency kit with drinking water, food, medication, a first aid kit and a flashlight.

Blizzard warnings are issued when widespread reduced visibility of 400 meters or less is expected for at least 4 hours.

Please continue to monitor Environment Canada warnings and forecasts. To report severe weather, email [email protected] or tweet reports using #SKStorm.

West Central Online will be keeping an eye on the streets heading into Saturday.

UPDATE: Friday, March 10, 4:00 p.m

There have been reports of an overturned vehicle near the Brock corner on Highway 7. Westbound lanes are currently closed and motorists are being asked to avoid the area if possible.

Original article:

Poor visibility is noted in the West Central region on Friday afternoon due to strong winds causing blowing snow.

This includes all motorways in the Kindersley area.

If you have to travel this Friday, it is very important to have an emergency preparation kit with you and give yourself a little extra time.

West Central Online has received reports from radio listeners of poor visibility from Kindersley to Kerrobert on Highway 21.

View the current road conditions here.

Find your latest weather update here.


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