USA salute, explained: How Kyle Schwarber started Team USA’s World Baseball Classic celebration

If you’ve watched one of Team USA’s World Baseball Classic games, chances are you’ve been blindsided by a bevy of Pearly Whites.

The boys who wear the Stars and Stripes have much to celebrate worthy of. Mark DeRosa’s squad just secured a spot in their second WBC final in as many trips. Trea Turner looks like Ted Williams reincarnated. The offensive is thriving.

Wood meets cowhide in a beautifully arranged tenor that became more frequent throughout the tournament. USA’s penchant for running support has fostered something of a tradition in their squad, a gesture that has taken on a life of its own in recent weeks.

We’re talking about the salute, of course.


JT Realmuto drives in Arenado & Team USA leads 4-0 in first!

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A flick of the elbow was enough and the USA showed their team spirit. So how did Mannerism come about? Sporting News details the rise of the Salute, America’s premier celebration of WBC 2023.

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Team USA salute, explained

The USA salute is neither particularly new nor all that unique. It’s just a common salute, after all, common among those of military backgrounds across the country.

Still, it’s something special, at least for the US team. In 2017, the team implemented the movement and used it to celebrate barrel hits and big plays.

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Six years later and not much has changed. The USA, with a string of players wearing the red, white and blue in the United States’ first title win in 2017, are just a game away from WBC glory. And just like six years ago, the team adopts the iconic maneuver.

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Kyle Schwarber kickstarted the celebration and explained that it was his way of showing his support for the US military.

“That’s going to be our little celebration for us this year,” Schwarber said, according to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. “Come back to a little greeting to our men and women as well.”

It has become an increasingly common sight to see one of the US stars looking delighted at the dugout after a big game. These looks are usually accompanied by the cute little salutation.

Say hello to Kyle Schwarber with me and Mookie



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It has become one of the images of the tournament, right next to Japan’s Peppermill Celebration and the various faces and poses of Randy Arozarena. And when Team USA takes on Japan in the WBC Finals, viewers can sleep peacefully knowing they’ll likely be watching that salute one more time in the fight.

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