Use these tips to learn how to wake up energized every morning!

Would you like to beat morning fatigue and start your day on a positive, energetic note? If this is you, then read on for some tips to help you wake up full of energy every day.

Do you think you wake up every morning full of energy to soak up some sunlight and start the day on a positive note? Well, many of us dream of starting the day fresh, hearty and healthy. Unfortunately, for most of us, the reality is far from that dream. We’ve all had our mornings when we couldn’t shake ourselves from immobility and tiredness. It’s hard to wake up on days like this, and we always end up reaching for the obligatory cup of coffee to refresh ourselves. We get it, you must be tired of saying “I never wake up refreshed”. If that’s your morning ritual, then you need to remodel something to get that spark and high energy back. There are many ways to overcome laziness and wake up full of energy.

Health Shots teamed up with senior psychologist Dr. Kamna Chhibber reached out for tips on waking up energized each morning.

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How do I wake up with energy and motivation?

If you’re tired of waking up exhausted and in pain every day, then read what our expert suggests to help you wake up pumped every morning.

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1. Develop a good sleep schedule

Developing a good sleep schedule and following sound sleep hygiene practices will go a long way in building a successful, healthy life. The expert suggests that you should always try to maintain a fairly regular sleep-wake cycle in order to wake up healthy and fresh. Here are some tips to improve sleep!

2. Say no to gadgets before bed

Our Expert Says: “Avoid using devices late into the night. Instead, read or listen to light music to help you relax and unwind and get a good nights sleep. The blue light of the gadgets keeps us awake until late and also reduces the release of the sleep hormone melatonin.

3. Make a to-do list for the coming day

“Put together things you would look forward to during the day,” the expert suggests. Creating a to-do list will make you feel empowered and motivated for the day ahead, and you will tend to sleep in an easy mood, knowing you have an orderly plan for the next day.

4. Start your day on a calm note

A healthy morning routine is non-negotiable, so it sets the mood and resolutions for the whole day. You can try yoga/meditation, even for 15 minutes, or you can consider a fitness program in the morning to invigorate and energize you. Come what may, but stick to this routine for the best long-term results.

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5. Do the boring-looking tasks first

“Try to solve the challenges that may await you ahead. It helps to have some kind of plan,” says our expert. If you solve tedious tasks first thing in the morning, you will end up feeling motivated, empowered and mentally kept in one place.

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6. Don’t press snooze

Our alarm clock’s most popular button does more harm than good when it comes to waking up energized. Spending the last half hour of your sleep in “fragmentary sleep” can have serious consequences for your ability to function throughout the day. Try the 90 minute sleep cycle hack by setting the alarm 90 minutes before your wake time and an alarm when you want to wake up.

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