Wait staff claim these celebrities are the best and worst tippers

When you’ve got as much money as Hollywood celebs, it’s safe to assume that most of them would be happy to tip the waiters generously.

But Reddit threads of waiters claim that despite big bucks, some celebrities are still stingy — or worse, rude.

Some also expressed surprise at the most generous tippers of all, praising their patience and manners despite being more aggressive in public.

American film icon Jeff Goldblum was praised for his kindness, as were other big stars like British chef Gordon Ramsay and Bruce Willis.

Others, however – including fan favorite Laura Dern and “Godmother of Soul” Patti LaBelle – apparently didn’t make a good impression.

FEMAIL looked at confessions from two threads – one started by user u/gatsbygirl93 and the other on the subreddit r/TalesFromYourServer – and asked hotel staff about their experiences with celebrities. The answers might leave some surprised…


Charlie Sheen, 57, pictured in 2019. The Hollywood star has been praised on social media for being a great tipper

The 57-year-old Hollywood star is known for a string of scandals and an unpredictable public appearance. However, he was praised for providing a server with a “10/10 celebrity experience.”

“Charlie Sheen came to the coffee shop I work at with one of his daughters,” wrote user glimmer_glow. ‘

“Super polite, very good tip.”


According to a Reddit thread, 22-year-old Willow Smith, pictured last year, was said to have been “super nice” to a server

Will and Jada Smith’s daughter Willow, 22, is said to have been an absolute delight for a waiter.

“A colleague of mine was waiting for Willow Smith a few years ago,” Aynotwoo said.

“She was apparently super nice to her and left a really good tip.”


Jeff Goldblum, 70, pictured in 2016. The American star is known for his charisma and was said to have been charming towards the waiters

It’s perhaps no surprise that this 70-year-old American star, known for his on-screen charm and charisma, was also a hit with a waiter.

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“Extraordinarily beautiful, very funny, great tip,” gushed the silicone-based Poster9.


Gordon Ramsay, 56, pictured in 2019. The famous celebrity chef impressed a waiter with a generous tip

He is known for raising his voice and expressing insults with high-pitched language.

But it’s obviously a pleasure to serve this British chef – which shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans as 56-year-old Gordon Ramsay was notoriously friendly to the waiters on his reality show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

“I served Gordon Ramsay once. I was very nervous about his TV personality but he was actually very polite, probably the politest customer I’ve ever had. He didn’t tell anyone to fuck off,” Scrap120 wrote.

“At the end of the evening he asked to speak to the chef, shook his hand appreciatively and gave us a £100 tip.”


According to a Reddit thread, 74-year-old Robert Plant, pictured last year, was said to be “very relaxed” as he was served by a waiter

Despite Led Zeppelin having fronted the world’s biggest bands, 74-year-old British musician Robert Plant’s performance was apparently “very relaxed”.

“He had a Philly cheesesteak with no bread and tipped 20%,” wrote Siliconbased9.

“He messed with the bartender, the younger girl…”

“He told her he was in a band and she asked, ‘Is that a band that I might have heard of?’ And he says, ‘No, probably not, we’ve never had such a big hit.’


Bruce Willis, 68, pictured in 2019. The Die Hard star has been hailed as a “true gentleman” on social media

“Bruce Willis was a great tipper and a true gentleman,” said Redditor steadyonman420 of the 68-year-old Die Hard star.

“He came up to me, shook my hand and thanked me for the service.”


A Redditor who served 60-year-old Mike Myers (pictured last year) said the actor is a “good tipper”

User SnarkMasterFlash said that Mike Myers, 60 – a Canadian actor best known for his comic book skills – was generous with his tip.

“I’ve been waiting for Mike Meyers [sic] “At the peak of his Austin Powers phase,” he explained.

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“I have the entire Dr. Evil speech made for him.” He thought it was great. Good tipper.’


Whoopi Goldberg, 67, pictured in New York last year, was dubbed a “great tipper” by an online server

User stetsonman420, who has “served a bunch of celebrities,” was full of praise for Whoopi Goldberg, 67, adding that she’s a “great tipper.”

They also said he’s “very down to earth, an incredibly sweet and kind person.”


A waiter who served Tony Hawk, 55 (pictured in December), while she was studying said he was very generous

The 55-year-old skating legend is known for his relaxed humor and friendliness towards fans. And it’s perhaps no wonder that the same is true for hospitality staff.

A waiter who served Tony Hawk during his college days, EL_Geiger, said he was “one of the nicest people out there” and “a good tipper too.”

Elsewhere, SourCreamWater added that the star was “cool as hell” and “tipped them $200 for an $80 bill.”


According to a Redditor, 43-year-old Nick Carter, pictured in 2018, was “super nice” and tipped $30 for a $110 bill

The 43-year-old Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys is also considered a great tipster.

ZobbyRN recalled serving the 2000s icon at a “popular seafood joint,” along with Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and DJ AM.

“Nick Carter paid with a debit card and tipped $30 at $110,” they revealed.

“They were all super nice and took photos with us.”


Tobey Maguire, 47, pictured earlier this year, was “really nice to the staff” and gave “really good tips,” according to a Reddit thread.

Tobey Maguire, 47, is best known and loved for his portrayal of Spiderman.

And one waiter, doonbroonz, was full of compliments on his attitude.

“I served Tobey McGuire regularly [sic] at my last job,” they wrote.

“And he was really nice and left really good tips every time he came.” He even remembered my name (and the names of many other longtime employees) and was always very friendly in greeting and avoiding us – he didn’t make a fuss when the kitchen or the bar was busy.”

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Laura Dern, 56, pictured in November, is known for her sunny disposition but apparently wasn’t a big drinker, a Redditor claimed

Many fans of the 56-year-old actress – best known for her roles in ‘Jurassic Park’ and more recently ‘Marriage Story’ – will be heartbroken to learn that she was “kind of entitled” when she was served by siliconbased9 became.

“$9 tip for $371,” they added. “So it actually cost several dollars to wait for her.”


“Patti Labelle [sic] is really challenging and not the best pick,” wrote Long-Cockroach-8372 of the R&B legend 79.

Apparently Patti LaBelle is “not the best drinker,” according to a Redditor in a thread that also called the 79-year-old singer (pictured last year) “really demanding.”
The 44-year-old singer Brandy reportedly complained and, according to a server, “almost never tipped.”


Brandy, 44, nicknamed “The Vocal Bible” and best known for her 1998 hit song “The Boy Is Mine,” has been dubbed “one of the worst people of all time” by the server Iamurfriend.

“She stopped by about once a week, almost never tip, and almost always complained.”

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