Waterford Whisky Partners with Artist Nathanaël Koffi for Latest Flagship Cuvée Bottling

Waterford Distillery, a terroir-focused Irish whiskey producer, has announced a new partnership with experimental French artist Nathanaël Koffi to bring a fresh and bold perspective to its flagship single malt.

The distillery’s forthcoming release, The Waterford Cuvée – Koffi, due out this fall, brings together their distinct single farm origins to create a multi-layered, complex single malt. By layering different distillates, which is radical in the whiskey world, their cuvées are in fact composed according to the same production principles as the great wine châteaux of Bordeaux.

Nathanaël Koffi, 27, has now designed a label that reflects Waterford Whiskey’s unique production method – which includes terroir-driven distillations, organic products and long fermentations – to create the most natural single malts. The contemporary, vibrant look reflects the colors of Ireland, terroir, barley, heritage and greenery.

Nathanaël Koffi said: “By layering colors and patterns, I wanted to capture the multidimensional and complex natural flavors of this ultimate Waterford Whiskey blend. It uses everything I love about Waterford Distillery and their whiskeys: body, texture and avant-garde methods.”

Waterford Distillery uses a scientifically proven, terroir-driven methodology where the influence of soil, microclimate and location influences the flavor compounds in barley and is therefore captured in the spirit. Each of its Single Farm Origin bottlings is crafted separately using barley grown on individual terroirs across southern Ireland and each one exhibits unique flavor characteristics. In addition, the Waterford Distillery is the world’s largest producer of organic and biodynamic whiskeys. The distillery’s single malts reveal total transparency through their unique TÉIREOIR code, which allows drinkers to trace each bottle back to their barley fields, enjoy contents from the farms and see details of each cask used for that whiskey.

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Mark Newton, Head of Brand at Waterford Distillery, said: “We needed a radical artist who could not only create the necessary visual energy for a bottle, but also someone who could interpret the sensory complexity – the very purpose of our cuvée concepts – in such a way can show impressively. Nathanael’s paintings and his often unusual canvases stand out by a mile; As an outstanding talent, he was a very natural choice.”

Nathanaël Koffi’s experimentation with different mediums, textures and sensations began with his first exhibition “Première” in June 2022. His evolution as an artist is evident from his early “Skateboard” works to his current, unconventional creations. Collaborations with well-known brands such as Maison Kitsune, Sézane, Moleskine and Adidas have fueled his artistic journey.

Waterford Distillery’s partnership with Nathanaël Koffi continues her tradition of using emerging artists to interpret the complex layers of their flagship whiskey, following a 2021 collaboration with Irish artist Leah Hewson.

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