“We need affordable housing not another sports arena”

The news that Ottawa senators have received bids from nine groups for over $900 million has sparked much conversation on social media. In particular, about the possibility of a new downtown arena. The club had previously signed an agreement for a new arena at LeBreton Flats, but the death of owner Eugene Melnyk put plans in limbo.

CTV made a Twitter post regarding the fact that “the city’s mayor is not ruling out public funding for a new downtown arena.”

Some Twitter users are excited about the prospect of a new arena in downtown Ottawa, believing it would boost the city’s economy. They also support the idea of ​​public funding for the arena.

But others are skeptical about public funding for the new arena, arguing that taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for a private company. Some are also critical of the Senators’ potential sale price and the housing issue.

ooooh, maybe Mark Sutcliffe would like to use the soon to be vacated Nordstrom space at Rideau Center for our new hockey rink!

Good news, @_MarkSutcliffe! There is a $2 billion transportation system that will make the arena more accessible!…

It’s interesting to hear Mark Sutcliffe say LeBreton Flats isn’t walking distance from downtown because of a new ice rink, and then mention two locations that aren’t close to downtown. #Sens

Dear Mayor Watson 2.0,


Sincerely, homeless and lower income residents of Ottawa.

hp maybe some decent public transport too.…

@_MarkSutcliffe How can you say that when you want to limit festival funding and remove buses from the transit system? Your priorities have gotten out of hand – and do not live up to the campaign promises…
@JCHIANELLO @_MarkSutcliffe Not a single taxpayer dollar should be given. If the new owners want the new arena, it’s up to them and them alone. The city is in chaos right now and shouldn’t interfere. Just my two cents
@OttawaBürger A professional sports team and the business people who earn it don’t need any help from the city @_MarkSutcliffe. Homeless people do.

Despite differing opinions, some agree that a new arena in downtown Ottawa would be a positive development for the city. As the sales process continues, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the Senators and their arena plans.

More on the sale of the Ottawa Senators

The senators are making headlines with reports the team has received offers from nine groups interested in buying the club. Some of those deals value the Senators at over $900 million, which would make it the richest deal in NHL history if it goes through.

Potential buyers include a consortium led by Toronto-based real estate developer The Remington Group. Also involved are actor Ryan Reynolds, as well as billionaires Jeffrey and Michael Kimel and investor Michael Andlauer.

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The Senators’ sale comes almost a year after the death of owner Eugene Melnyk, who passed away on March 28, 2022. Before his death, the Senators were already looking for a new location for the arena. They plan to move the team from the suburbs of Kanata, Ontario to downtown Ottawa. In June 2022, the team signed a letter of intent for a new arena at the LeBreton Flats location.

Whether the new arena will be realized is still uncertain. The agreement has the potential to increase the Senators’ possible selling price for any new owner wishing to explore an alternative location. The NHL hopes to complete the sale by mid-summer, but there’s no formal end date for the entire process.

Meanwhile, the city’s mayor isn’t ruling out public funding for a new downtown arena. It remains to be seen if that becomes a reality, but the Senators’ sale process will certainly be one to watch in the coming months.


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