What Energy Is Used for and How to Get More

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As Disney Dreamlight Valley As players explore and interact with the various Disney characters that live in the valley, they will no doubt notice the blue bar in the top left corner of their screen. As they engage in activities in the game, they will notice that things go up or down. This bar represents the energy of the players. During the tutorial mission Disney Dreamlight Valley implies that the bar is only for getting rid of nightthorns with magic.

However, energy is used for far more than just getting rid of weeds spawned by dark magic. This guide explains each way Energy is used and how players can get more.


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What is energy used for

When it comes to harnessing energy, that’s pretty much it Disney Dreamlight Valley Players can do, will spend it. Certain activities use more energy than others, especially fishing.

Other activities that could be considered less strenuous use less energy, such as planting seeds and watering with a watering can. In fact, harvesting does not consume any energy. This turns the energy bar into a form of resource management for players. Luckily, there are several ways to reclaim energy, and none of them take very long.

This is how you get more energy

There are two ways to regain lost energy. The first way is for Disney Dreamlight Valley players return to their homeland. That The energy bar fills up immediately when players return to their house. You don’t have to wait; They can just walk in and walk out again and continue what they were doing before. The other option is to eat.

Players should be aware that ingredients, fruits, and vegetables can be eaten to restore energy, but not nearly as much as a multi-ingredient meal.

Typically, the more stars a meal has, the more energy it restores. So if Disney Dreamlight Valley If players are engaged in an activity that uses a lot of energy, like removing mushroom stumps, it’s a good idea to bring some meals with you so they don’t have to waste time returning home.

How to increase the energy bar

Fortunately, the energy bar can be increased. This allows players to perform many more energy consuming activities before running out. Disney Dreamlight Valley Players can increase the energy bar by leveling up.

By completing quests and gaining friendship levels with all of the Disney characters living in the valley, players will level up and increase their energy bar, along with cosmetics such as furniture and clothing.

So, through a combination of leveling up and having some meals ready, players will always have the energy they need in Dreamlight Valley to gather resources like hardwood.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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