What Is a Huddle on Slack and How to Use it

When you need to have a quick chat with a colleague or show something on your screen, hunker down in Slack. A Slack group gives you a place to meet, talk, and share without having to pick up the phone.

If your company already uses Slack for team communication, this is the ideal place to have a private conversation without major disruption to your workflow.

What is a huddle on slack?

When you think of a huddle, you probably think of a sports team gathering to set a plan for their next game. Huddles in the Slack app are similar. They offer you and your colleagues a place to have an audio call and share your screens in real time.

When the huddle feature first rolled out, they were only available on paid Slack plans. However, they are now available on all Slack plans on desktop, mobile, and web using the Chrome or Firefox web browser.

With free plans you can have two participants in a huddle and with paid plans you can have up to 50 participants.

Start a huddle in Slack

Select the Slack channel or direct message conversation where you want to start the conversation.

Then turn on headphones Toggle in the bottom left of the Slack window next to the workspace sidebar.

Those in the channel or direct message will see a blue indicator that you’ve invited them to a conversation (below).

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To add more people to the conversation, select invite people button that looks like a contact icon or select the one three points and pick up invite people. In the search box, enter the Slack users you want to invite.

If you want to mute your microphone during the conversation, select it microphone icon on the left side of the conversation.

You can then visit other channels, direct messages, or even Slack workspaces while your huddle continues uninterrupted.

Join a huddle

When another Slack user starts a conversation in a channel or direct message you’re a part of, you’ll see the blue antenna icon in the lower-left corner of the window.

Choose headphones Icon in the Huddle invite to join.

Use the huddle window and controls

You can keep the huddle in the tiny spot in the bottom-left corner of your Slack window, or you can expand it. To enlarge the window, select that Arrow that shows the number of people in the group. You will then see a larger window showing the people in the group.

In the larger huddle window, select the three points top right for more actions. You can choose audio settings to adjust your Slack audio settings or give feedback to let Slack know what you think of the feature.

You can also turn on subtitles so you can easily see what everyone is saying alongside the chat too. Once you’ve enabled live captions, you’ll see two tabs for in the huddle window captions and persons.

If you want to have a private typing conversation, select the Go to Private Conversation Icon that looks like an arrow and a pound sign.

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You can then type in the main chat area, but remain in the active conversation as indicated by the indicator.

Anytime you want to close the larger Huddle window, simply click away by selecting elsewhere in Slack or on your screen.

Share your screen in a group

A super handy feature of a Slack group is the ability to share your screen. This is perfect when you’re huddled together to discuss a new product or issue you see, or when collaborating on an image.

  1. In the small huddle window, select the share screen button or the three dots and choose share screen.
  1. Your huddle participants will then see a tiny window within the small huddle window. When they select it, your shared screen will open in a larger window.
  1. As you share your screen, you’ll see a toolbar at the bottom of this screen. You have buttons to mute/unmute your microphone, draw on your screen and allow others to draw on your screen. Just select a button to turn the feature on or off.
  1. The markers appear briefly for everyone to see and can be very useful. You can also see the name of the participant who is currently drawing.
  1. To stop screen sharing, select stop sharing in the toolbar.

Leave a conversation in Slack

Whether the conversation is over or you just want to leave the conversation, you can do so by turning off the microphone Switch.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to leave a conversation. On Windows, press ctrl + change + H and use on Mac command + change + H.

Huddles in Slack are convenient places for informal discussions and screen sharing. When typing your messages just isn’t enough, invite your co-workers for a chat. Keep an eye out for new features later introduced in Huddles, such as: B. Video calls and message threads.

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For more information, see these Slack tips and tricks.

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