What is orange essence and how to get it in League of Legends

League of Legends is packed with various skins, ward skins, emotes and icons that serve no functional purpose but instead provide you with exciting festive tools to either celebrate a real-world event like the Chinese New Year or a league-specific lore event like Spirit Blossom. Although Riot Games loves tying content to events by collecting and spending tokens, skins and other cosmetics can usually be purchased in the shop for Riot Points, or RP for short.

In general, RP is the most important league Currency that can be used to purchase almost anything you set your mind to except Prestige Edition skins, mythic chromas, and wards. Essentially, RP can buy you almost anything league. Still, buying RP costs money, and those RP earnings can easily accumulate. So Riot invented Orange Essence to collect skins, wards, emotes and icons for free.

If you are still unfamiliar with the orange essence system leaguehere’s everything you need to know about orange essence, including what exactly orange essence is, what you can use it for, and how to get it.

What does orange essence contain league?

Orange essence is a rarity league Currency used to unlock skins, emotes, and wards obtained from Hextech and Masterwork chests, as well as various event orbs and capsules.

Once you open a chest and get a skin, for example, that skin is still technically not yours. Before you can use this skin you need to have the right amount of Orange Essence and then you need to click on the grayed out skin and unlock it.

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Aside from unlocking your skins, you can use Orange Essence to unlock wards, emotes, and icons that you previously also obtained from a specific chest or orb.

Remember, the rarer the skin, the more Orange Essence it costs to unlock.

How do I get orange essence in? league

There are two main methods of obtaining Orange Essence: disenchanting and events.

Once you’ve obtained a skin or shield from a chest or event orb, you can either choose to craft it with Orange Essence, or you can disenchant it for more Orange Essence. The rarer the skin is, the more Orange Essence it gives you. And remember, as soon as you disenchant a skin or emote, your skin shard is consumed.

events in league usually include an event pass with milestones that reward your consistent grind and dedication. One of the milestones is usually orange essence. The rewards usually average between 500 Orange Essence and 750 Orange Essence. So if you spend your Orange Essence regularly, events are your surest source of Orange Essence.

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