What Is the Discord Name and Shame Scam? How to Avoid It

Did one of your Discord friends send you a message shaming you for inappropriate behavior with a girl and saying their friendship with you is over? The text message may include a link to a server where he declares that your secrets are out and directs you there to clarify your position.

It’s a scam and your friend didn’t send the message; Instead, scammers likely compromised their account to send phishing messages to contacts, including you.

How does this scam work? How should you react when you receive such a message on Discord? What should you do if you are affected?

What is Discord Name and Shame scam and how does it work?

The Discord Name and Shame scam is a phishing scam where cyber criminals compromise a user’s account and send messages to friends. The message appears to be from a friend’s account, but scammers are actually sending it.

In the message, the victims appear to have been accused by their boyfriend of flirting with a girl who exposed them on a Discord server. To confirm that they are not being accused, the message includes a link to join the server where they are being exposed.

It’s natural to believe the message as it appears to be coming from a Discord friend. Believing that their friend sent them this message, victims click on it immediately.

Once clicked, they are prompted to scan a QR code to join the server, a trick scammers use to further lure their victims. Users who scan the QR code lose access to their account and hand it over to the scammers.

Once cyber criminals gain access to an account, they send the same message to everyone on that account’s friends list. So the chain of scams goes on and on.

Initially, scammers invited their victims to join the same server called Name & Shame, but now they use different servers. However, the cheating process is almost the same. Be careful if you get an invite with a different server name but the same text. Common server names used by scammers are Exposing Creeps, Discord Shaming, and Hall of Shame.

The question is how do you know if this is a scam or not?

How to Identify the Discord Name and Shame Scam

Discord phishing scams are easy to identify as scammers usually use the same text message. Here’s what the message says:

heyy um idk what happened or if it really is you but it was your name and same avatar and you sent a girl um ** stuff like what the f*** ? check #exposed and you will see. Anyway, until you explain what happened, I’ll block you. Sorry if this is a misunderstanding, but I don’t want to take any chances with having Creeps on my friends list.

If you received almost the same message with a different link or hashtag, that’s the first sign of a scam. However, if the message is different, check it as follows:

  • Check with a mutual friend with the same contact who sent you the message to see if they got it too. If this is the case, then it is a scam because scammers generally send phishing messages to everyone on a compromised account’s friends list.
  • Contact the person who sent you this message (through another medium) and ask if they sent it personally. If they decline, ask them to restore their account as scammers got their hands on it.

Hopefully these two reviews will help confirm whether it is a scam or not. If it’s not fraud and someone has wrongly accused you somewhere, clarify your position to avoid further embarrassment. But what if it’s a scam?

How to Respond to a Discord’s Name and Shame Scam

To protect yourself and others on your friends list from Discord phishing scam messages, follow these do’s and don’ts:

Mistakes to avoid

Here are some things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t click on a link you’ve received from a friend without first confirming it with them.
  • Do not scan a QR code, even if it comes from someone you trust.
  • If you receive this scam text do not communicate with your friend via Discord DM as you could be communicating with scammers.
  • Don’t share the message; This way you avoid others becoming victims of fraud because of you.

What to do if you receive a scam message on Discord

Here’s what you should do instead:

  • If you suspect your friend’s account has been compromised, contact them in some other way and explain what happened. Also, assist your friend to recover account.
  • After your friend confirms that their account has been hacked, notify all your mutual friends to prevent them from becoming a victim. You should warn them not to trust messages they receive from your friend’s account.

What to do if you are a victim of Discords Name and Shame Scam

If you’ve fallen victim to Discord’s Name and Shame scam, don’t panic. Instead, you should focus on recovering your account. Simply reset your password using your email address or phone number and your account will be automatically logged off the scammer’s device.

Once you regain access to your account, quickly write an alert to let your friends know about the incident and warn them not to click the link in the last message phishing scammers sent. Additionally, if you own a server, don’t forget to check any messages scammers may have sent or pinned.

Now use your antivirus software to run a manual scan in case something malicious was downloaded as well.

If you instantly recover your account and let your friends know you didn’t send the message, you don’t have to worry about a thing. However, take a few extra steps to avoid future phishing scams and foolproof your security on Discord.

How to avoid phishing scams on Discord

To avoid becoming a victim of Discord phishing scam, follow the steps below:

  • If you haven’t already enabled 2FA on Discord, do so now. Aside from securing your account by blocking access from hackers, enabling two-factor authentication makes it easier for you to recover.
  • Next, open Discord, go to user settings by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left corner and select it privacy and security Tab. Switch here Secure Direct Messages to Protect me. Also, turn off the switch next to Allow direct messages from server members.
  • Don’t scan a QR code you receive from your contacts, even if you trust them.
  • Use a strong password to prevent hackers from cracking your password.

Discord users are often targeted by scammers. By learning about these scams, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim. In fact, keeping your Discord account safe is surprisingly easy.

Beware of Discord name and shame scammers

There’s no denying how persuasive scammers can be. But if you better understand Discord’s Name and Shame scam, you can avoid it when it comes your way. Online scams are on the rise, so keep an eye out for them and spread the word.

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