When Is the Kevin Smith Movie Coming to Theaters?

Snoochie Boochies you *swear words deleted.* 28 years ago, KevinSmith broke out as one of comedy’s most unique yet hilarious writers with a black-and-white picture titled employee. Over the next seven years, Smith created a cinematic universe that Watch Askewniversepopulated by salacious, ridiculous, pop-culture-obsessed characters, caricatures, angels, demons and God himself. After a five-year hiatus, Smith returned to the Askewniverse Employees II— his last foray into these characters in 13 years. In 2019, Smith released a sequel to his stoner comedy classic, Jay and Silent Bob fight backtitled Jay and Silent Bob reboot. Fans will have to follow the original Bluntman and Chronic to reclaim their names – neech. While the reboot was met with mediocre praise, it reintroduced viewers to a meta, anxious, older cast of beloved characters. After nearly a decade of teasing, one cancellation, and one revival, it’s come a long way Employees III.


Partly inspired by his own real life heart attack, Employees III seems as meta and inspired as Smith’s first entry in Askewniverse. The Threequel got a trailer this summer, setting the stage for an emotional, self-referential film full of the same motley crew of weirdos we’ve loved for nearly 30 years. For more about Employees III and how to watch it, check out the breakdown below.

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What is Clerks III about?

In the trailer, viewers catch up with the guys at the quick stop. After Randall has a heart attack, he declares, “I’m done watching movies, I’m going to make a movie!” He enlists the help of faces new and old to make a movie that will mark his time working with Dante as employees in the store they would one day own. Inspired by both Smith’s experience making a film about his experiences working at the grocery store and Smith’s heart attack, Employees III seems to bring the characters back to their roots. even she reuse the same memory Smith worked where he also shot the original employee in the early 90’s.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Smith explained how a earlier version of Employees III was discontinued after Hurricane Sandy. Dante and Randall were to be hustled out of their shop before Randall opened a bodega among vendors that would morph into a slum that he would run. “It was so far from Clerks,” Smith said. “Fortunately we never made it.”

Is Clerks III Coming To Theaters Or Streaming?

Employees III hits theaters on September 13, 2022. There’s no idea if or when the film will be streamed, though Employees III was taken over by Lionsgate after Smith’s satirical stoner comedy sequel, Jay and Silent Bob rebootcame out in 2019. Lionsgate properties fall across all streaming services, including Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, and Netflix. Employees III announces its release weekend Gina PrinceBythewood‘s The Woman King, Ti West‘s pearland Tom George‘s See how they run. The first poster gives viewers another look at the quick stop under Dante’s (Brian OHalloran) and Randall’s (Jeff Anderson) management before the new version. Go to this link to get your tickets now.

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Who is in the cast of Clerks III?

As previously mentioned, Dante (O’Halloran) and Randall (Anderson) are again directing the quick stop. O’Halloran had several guest appearances in the Jay and Silent Bob rebootone as Dante. Jason Mews and KevinSmith are back, as always, as well-loved straight partners, Jay and Silent Bob. The duo have appeared in every entry in Askewniverse. They’re the mascots of Smith’s comedic universe, not immune to spreading a little wisdom every now and then. While their reboot didn’t garner high praise, Jay and Silent Bob bring consistency to the disparate films in their own odd way.

come from Employees II, Rosario Dawson (The Mandalorian) and Trevor Fehrman reprise their roles as Becky and Ellias, respectively. Becky was the cool, gorgeous manager of Mooby’s – the universal fast food franchise – where Dante and Randal ended up after a grocery store fire. The budding romance between her and Dante despite Dante’s engagement to Emma (Jennifer Schwalbach-Smith) is the heart of Employees IIand Dawson’s continued involvement with the Askewniverse with the Jay and Silent Bob reboot and Employees III is a boon to all his fans. Fehrman’s Ellias was one of the best new parts of Employees II. Its awkward sincerity was hilarious and charming at the same time, and the first trailer offers a few brief glimpses of a gothic Ellias acting as a helping hand in the making of Randall’s film.

Like most of Smith’s films, Employees III appears to have drawn up a laundry list of talent for cameos and appearances. Fans need to see it in theaters starting September 13th if they want to see this comedy in its purest form.

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What’s next in View Askewniverse after Clerks III?

While Employees III tries to end things at the quick stop, Smith returns to the Askewuniverse with Dawn of the Mallratsa sequel to his second film JeremyLondon (Journey to the Center of the Earth1999), Jason Lee (my name is earl), Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black), Joey Lauren Adams (Dazed and confused), Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, volume. 2), and more. While discussing the early ideas for the sequel, Smith revealed it Dawn of the Mallrats will be centered around a convention being held at the mall – presumably – where Brodie (Lee) works. Viewers got a few glimpses into Brodie’s professional life, courtesy of Jay and Silent Bob fight back and the Jay and Silent Bob reboot. He’s a seemingly successful shopkeeper working in a dying mall. Still obsessed with superpowers and pop culture, he guides Jay and Silent Bob and the viewer through the murky fog of filmmaking then and now.

And while it hasn’t been confirmed as part of the View Eskewniverse, Smith has teased it Helena handbag for almost a decade alongside his other projects. The story of mankind allying with Hell to stop revelations in the form of a giant Jesus – big The hut in the forest Vibes dealing with a giant rampaging god – eerily sounds like a spiritual sequel to dogma. While dogmaThe rights to ‘s literally belong to the Weinstein brothers, and the chances of a legitimate sequel are nil. Smith is no stranger to adapting and revising ideas, so it’s possible at some point fans will see faces and characters they love fighting Jesus for the good of the planet. But that’s pure speculation.

Do not miss Employees III in cinemas from September 13th. Snoogans.

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