Where to get the best Spicy Margarita in Toronto

Summer is coming to an end and it’s depressing. They definitely need one last hurray before the warm weather leaves us behind. One way to keep the heat on a little longer is with a refreshing, flavorful margarita.

From espresso martinis to the almost complete opposite — a flavorful margarita — Toronto has a handful of places that have all but perfected the classic beverage.

Whether it’s a spicy edge or a habanero-infused tequila, you’re sure to find the perfect tequila made for you.

Need inspiration? Here are five places in Toronto that serve up some of the area’s best spicy margaritas

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THE happy hour spot is our goal. Añejo, known for its margarita options, has a beautiful and flavorful creation available when you need it most. The chili coconut properties Cazadores Blanco, Triple Sec, Coconut Syrup, Habanero and Lime. Ah refreshing!

Where: 600 King St. W

Picture book! Clandestina Mexican Grill & Bar is a must-try, with five margaritas, one of which is on the condiment side. Add some extra warmth to your summer.

Where: 2901 Dundas St W

Reposado Bar & Lounge

The Reposado Bar offers four margaritas to sip with the option to order larger pitchers. While they don’t bring the heat, you can spice it up with a habanero-infused tequila for an extra dollar. That’s what we call it now Kaliente.

Where: 136 Ossington Ave

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MARKED restaurant

Want to spice up your night? Go to MARKED on John St. and ask about The Yucatán Slam. This hot drink is basically a tangy watermelon margarita. It contains Blanco Tequila, Watermelon Beef Cordial, Jalapeño, Prickly Pear, Hot Pepper Cactus, Fresh Basil, Lime and Western Haskap Bitters. Simply delicious!

Where: 132 Johannesstr.


Fancy tacos and tequila? who isn’t Campechano has multiple locations in Toronto and is the perfect spot for late night meals including cravings for a refreshing margarita. His spicy margarita features tequila triple sec, pickle juice, lime juice, jalapeño, and simple syrup.

Where: 504 Adelaide St, 460 College St and 374 Bathurst St.

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