Which of Your Smart Home Devices Knows You Best?

Alexa knows what you look like, just like your Ring Camera. And your Samsung Smart Things Hub is probably recording you right now.

TechShielder considered(Opens in a new window) which popular smart home devices collect to find out which ones know the most about you. The list has been narrowed down to 10: Amazon Echo Dot, Chromecast with Google TV, Samsung SmartThings Hub, Nest Protect, Ring Indoor Cam, Levoit LV-PUR131S, Sonos One, TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug, Roborock S6 and Philips Hue.

Almost all devices inspected by TechShielder collect some basic information, such as your name, address, time zone, phone number, email address, IP address, location, information shared with third parties, payment information, and device type.

Amazon Echo Dot with clock

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (Source: Amazon)

But much goes beyond that, with voice recording (70%), photo access (50%), video access (50%), user profile pictures (50%), video (40%) and personal description (40%). They know you even better than your family in some things, as they know what you buy (70%), what you watch online (50%), what apps you use (40%), all your web searches (40%) and Your personal interests (30%).

Of the 10 devices, TechShielder found that the Amazon Echo Dot with clock sucked up the most data points (43%).

“The Echo Dot stores personal information like our name and address, has access to our photo and video files, and stores live voice recording data,” TechShielder said. “This device collects more information about our online activity than any other device, including data such as browsing history, downloads, and web searches.

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“It’s also one of only three devices (along with the SmartThings Hub and Chromecast) that stores information about our contacts, such as B. their name or phone number,” added TechShielder.

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However, TechShielder conceded that the volume of data collected by the Echo Dot made “meaningful” as it was “one of the most versatile products in the range we examined”. While security cameras or smart thermostats are designed to do just one thing, “the Echo Dot serves more than one purpose: you can use it to make phone calls, control smart home functions like lights and indoor temperature, control your TV, and more.”

Rounding out the five most data-hungry smart home devices: Chromecast with Google TV (42%), Samsung SmartThingsHub (37%), Nest Protect (34%), and Ring Indoor Cam (26%).

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