Who Is Mukta Singh? Started Modelling at 58 Sporting Grey Hair

Mukta Singh, a woman, challenged the notion that people should stop working and start enjoying life as they get older. She started her career at the age of 58. Singh, a native of Bharatpur, Rajasthan, married a fighter pilot as soon as she earned her master’s degree in English. After marriage, she took care of her family and children, but later started freelancing before modeling “accidentally” happened in her life.

She got her Masters in English and then got married which changed her ambitions as her husband travels and rotates frequently as she was married to an Air Force pilot. After her marriage, she spent her time taking care of her children and her ailing mother.

She explained: “Before marriage, I studied and didn’t know much about my career, but after marriage, my husband was always very encouraging. I spent my early years raising my family. My children were the focus of my initial attention.”

Singh also freelanced for numerous newspapers and magazines while her husband was based in Delhi. She was a talented artist who not only wrote her ideas and visions, but also turned them into famous paintings.

She was interested in both art and music, so she quickly took up painting on canvas to pass the time. She portrayed well-known musical figures on canvas, using vivid imagery to create her most iconic tunes.

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According to Singh, her family moved to Gurugram after her husband retired from the Air Force. She also experienced a number of difficulties, particularly in caring for her ailing mother who was stricken with cancer. However, she assured her daughter that she would take care of her own fitness and health.

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She also started to dress fashionably. To others this might seem like a small thing, but for Mukta Singh it marked the beginning of something wonderful. She revealed that modeling “accidentally” happened in her life. Singh got her first modeling job while attending a wedding. She wore her gray hair proudly and stood out from the crowd with her traditional attire. She then made her debut as a model.

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Her family encouraged her in this quest. Her family stood steadfastly behind her even as she defied convention and chose a path less traveled. She worked for well-known brands over the years and rose to fame.

The social networking platform Instagram was a major contributor to Mukta Singh’s growth. She is without a doubt a symbol of empowering women out there as she is breaking records at such a young age.

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