Why Chicago P.D. Needs To Make A Change After Ruzek’s Latest Undercover Case

Spoilers ahead for Episode 15 of Chicago P.D Season 10 titled “Blood and Honour”.

Chicago P.D brought back a couple of characters from an episode earlier in season 10 that sets Tracy SpiridakosHailey Upton by the press, but it was Patrick John Flügger‘S Adam Ruzek who this time had to try to understand the case. With intelligence in the case of Richard Beck and daughter samantha, Ruzek went undercover as the member of the team who didn’t interact with either of them the first time. He found he sympathized with Samantha as a parent, even though he knew the Becks were deeply involved in the deadly meth game. And at the end of “Blood and Honor” PD reminded me of a very specific issue that needs changing: the cops covertly using their real names.


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