Why do we have nightmares? And how to stop recurring bad dreams.

A 2010 Hong Kong study found that about 1 in 20 people had nightmares at least once a week.

dr However, Michael Nadorff, associate professor of psychology at Mississippi State University and president-elect of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, says it’s important to note that not all people who have nightmares remember them. Nadorff explains that most dreams are actually negative, but most of them come and go without being remembered.

Here’s what Nadorff has to say about nightmares and how to prevent them, or at least stop yourself from remembering them.

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What Causes Nightmares?

Nadorff, who specializes in nightmares, says everyone has negative dreams, but not everyone remembers them. “You don’t usually remember it unless you wake up in the middle of it,” he explains. According to Nadorff, waking up from REM sleep when dreams occur is the only way to remember a nightmare.

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