Wild Isles: Sir David Attenborough’s trip to Weymouth to film his latest BBC show

When a celebrity visits a small town like Weymouth, they are bound to turn heads. But no one, at least not in Britain, enjoys as much respect and reverence as Sir David Attenborough.

So when the legendary naturalist, environmentalist and documentary filmmaker came to town, it was no surprise that it caused some kind of buzz. Sir David’s visit to Weymouth on November 17th 2022 is to serve his latest show.

The Wild Isles show was announced this week and will be broadcast on BBC One on March 12. Sir David, still presented at the age of 96, will circumnavigate the British Isles to shed light on natural history here.

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As part of this filming, Sir David traveled to the west coast of Wales, the far north of Scotland and Weymouth.

The day of shooting was a pleasant surprise for the locals. A film crew was first seen at Custom House Quay in the early morning of November 17th.

Excitement mounted even further when Sir David himself was spotted diving in and out at local fishmonger Weyfish. At the time, DorsetLive reporter Bailey Smith saw Sir David and described: “He was coming and going very quickly because a crowd of about 10 to 15 people formed quite quickly when they saw him.


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