Workplace Productivity Enhancers: How to Refresh Creativity

Work equipment can stimulate the imagination of employees and boost their creativity

Not every office can install rock walls, pool tables and fitness centers, so keep yourself motivated and refreshed with these fun and inspiring office accessories.

Arma Typhon
(Courtesy of Arrma)

Office Express

Arma 1/8 Typhon 6S


When you need to send a note to a colleague, the radio-controlled Typhon is a lot more fun than a boring email. Attach a memo to the wing and use the steering wheel-equipped controls to whiz it around the hall at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, screeching into their workspace. The off-road tires and oil-filled suspension let him climb over any office obstacles in his path. You can run three at a time for office races.

Logitech multi-device keyboard
(Courtesy of Logitech)

Break Time Keyboard

Logitech K580 multi-device keyboard


It’s best to keep private email and web browsing private without using office computers. Tablets and phones are great ways to access email and websites during breaks, but this multifunctional keyboard makes it even easier. Measuring just under 15 inches long and weighing just under 19.7 ounces with two AA batteries installed, it can be carried in a briefcase or backpack. The Bluetooth system can be used with phones and tablets or as a backup computer keyboard.

Basketball Trash Can
(Courtesy of Pottery Barn Teen)

Throw ideas over

Basketball Hoop Dustbin


A basketball recycling bin is a must for any office; It turns disposing of notes and lunch menus into a sport while you pretend to be an NBA superstar taking one-handed shots from across the room. With a height of 17.3 inches and a back panel of 11.8 inches wide, it offers a way to focus on the shot that can release mental blocks about how to move forward with a project or solve severe cases of writer’s block.

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Next Desk Velo
(Courtesy of Xdesk)

Pedal-powered inspiration

Xdesk Velo bike desk


Taking a break for a walk or a short bike ride can be an effective way to get your focus back on a work project, but it’s not always practical to do so, especially when it’s raining or snowing outside or you have a tight deadline. With this system, you can drive while you work or take a break, allowing you to focus on how far and how fast you’ve driven, which in turn can provide inspiration for solving your work problem.

(Courtesy of Craighill)

A mysterious creativity booster

Jack puzzle


There are times when the best way to get a “stalled” project going again is to take a mental break and focus on something unrelated to the task at hand. Resembling intertwined sockets, this attractive brass paperweight acts as a brain teaser and could be the perfect solution. Consisting of six notched bars that pull apart easily, putting them back together can be a bit of a challenge.

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