World-class cyber security systems to be deployed during World Cup 2022

The National Cyber ​​Security Agency (NCSA) will provide optimal cyber security systems nationwide during the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, its president said on Sunday.
During a meeting with local media representatives, Abdulrahman bin Ali al-Farahid al-Malki said that the agency’s cadres and teams are working tirelessly and around the clock to ensure the promotion of world-class best practices in cybersecurity across the country.
Speaking about the agency’s role during the competition, which is set to begin in November, al-Maliki explained that there was a plan to put a number of procedures in place, including activating plans related to sporting events in order to Incidents and Response Effectively dealing with potential cyber threats and hacking, and activating operational capabilities including monitoring, detecting cyber attacks and responding to cyber incidents effectively and promptly.
He added that as part of the preparations for the competition, the agency tests the systems by simulating the hacking of programs, applications and networks of the institutions operating during the tournament and tests the abilities of these institutions to counter hacking attempts by regularly scanning and testing the networks of stadiums and assessment of cybersecurity potentials and threats for more than 100 key facilities across the country.
The agency reviews and evaluates all technical designs, programs and apps related to the championship before launch to ensure all cybersecurity requirements are met, al-Maliki said, reiterating that the agency also secures all facilities providing indirect services provide for the championship such as providing technical advice related to cybersecurity.
Agency representatives will be present at all championship-related facilities to immediately and directly respond to, monitor and verify any electronic attacks on computers and networks, he added, noting that the agency already has live experiences from a variety of tournaments, including the FIFA Arab 2021 Cup, which helped the agency hone strategies and skills to counter hacking attempts against sports facilities.
Commenting on the agency’s approaches to raising awareness, Al-Maliki highlighted the relentless efforts to raise awareness of governmental and non-governmental organizations and society individuals to better protect personal networks and data as partners in promoting cybersecurity around the world Country.
Al-Maliki said the agency has a large number of programs and training aimed at strengthening the skills of individuals and institutions in securing data, in addition to frequently launched media campaigns on social media and newspapers to raise awareness cybersecurity.
He also said the agency is working to promote a culture of individuals self-protection from hacking.
He urged individuals to get information from official and trustworthy organizations and to wean themselves from rumors and misleading information.
Recently, the NCSA has formed partnerships with a number of government agencies. Also, since March 2021, 25,000 employees in different sectors have been trained, and there are plans to increase this number in the future to better preserve and protect information to achieve a secure cyber environment.

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