Wrong Turn 8 Or A Reboot? How To Save The Franchise’s Future

Should Wrong curve 8 Reboot the franchise or act as a legacy sequel? Wrong move is an unlikely success story, with the original 2003 film being a brilliant homage to horror movies of the 70’s and 80’s. The film was a modest success and led to a direct-to-DVD-dubbed sequel Wrong turn 2: dead end by director Joe Lynch.

Wrong curve 2 got better reviews and is arguably the best outing in the franchise and helped launch a number of DTV entries. Unfortunately, as with almost any long-running horror series, the repetitive formula and shrinking budgets meant that later outings got progressively worse. The death of franchise villain Three Finger in the third film Left for dead watched the movies fall into a similar problem Seen movies. After Jigsaw (aka John Kramer) died in the third film, later posts had to include constant flashbacks to keep him on the show. Likewise, Wrong curve 4 to 6 were prequels set before the original trilogy, in which Three Finger and his murderous family tormented other hapless teenagers.


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That Wrong move The film franchise has hit the reset switch in a big way with its seventh film in 2021. This entry had no story connections to the previous films, instead focusing on a group of friends hiking the Appalachian Trail and encountering a cult called The Foundation hostile – in this case murderous – to outsiders. Wrong turn 2021 contained some gory deaths and traps but had more in mind including political commentary. It was an ambitious, if not entirely successful, reboot that ended on a note that could lead to a sequel – the question is which direction Wrong curve 8 take?

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Why a soft restart is Turn’s best future

Wrong turn 2021 was really divisive; Some fans liked the way it took the series in a new direction, while others hated it for that reason. The reboot ended with the main character Jen (Charlotte Vega) killing the leader of the Foundation – who forced her to become his partner – and escaping the cult. This could lead to another story where she returns to destroy The Foundation or they come to hunt her down, but the movie ends on a satisfying note that doesn’t feel like it needs another story.

The original run of Wrong move Movies flared up in a big way, with Wrong curve 5 and 6 received particularly harsh reviews. Revisiting from the sixth entry feels like the wrong step, so the best course for the series would be a soft restart. While the series has spent so long in DTV land, a new gig as a sequel to the original could sell and make a difference Wrong move – which has a complicated timeline – back to the big screen. It may not have the name recognition of Halloween or Friday the 13th, but the first film still has cult status. However, doing a direct sequel decades later might be a little tricky, especially since the original lead actress, Eliza Dushku, appears to have retired from acting and likely wouldn’t be returning.

Outside of a Wrong move Legacy sequel, a final option could be an anthology format. Since Wrong turn 2021 took the basic concept and turned it in a new direction, the next film – be it cinema or STV – could give the idea another twist. That Halloween Franchise infamously attempted this with the third film Season of the Witchand while that experiment didn’t work then, the sequel is now considered a cult favorite. Wrong curve 8 could keep the anthology format going, although followers of the saga would probably prefer a Back to Basics sequel.

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