Your views on whether Hull Fair should move for £25m sporting village

People have given their opinion on Hull City’s drastic new plans to regenerate the area around MKM Stadium, which could mean one of Hull’s most popular events being moved to a new location.

The club’s ambitious plans for a £25million sports village could result in the Hull Fair being relocated from Walton Street, the site that has called the traveling fair home since 1888. Among the city’s proposals is a brand new, state-of-the-art training facility that would be worth seeing as the club’s first-team and academy come together under one roof for the first time, increasing the capacity of the MKM Stadium.

While this development could significantly improve the Tigers’ Premier League qualification, it has already divided public opinion, with many shocked at the prospect of one of Hull’s most prized annual events being moved. After the announcement we looked at how people in Hull reacted to the proposals.

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Adam thought it was a sensible decision, saying: “The Hull Fair is one week a year and takes a huge amount of money out of our local economy. These plans would strengthen our local economy and give our younger generations something to aspire to and bring our sports clubs into the modern age, giving us a better chance of paying at the highest level and allowing the local economy to continue to grow…”

Mike agreed, adding, “Unless people can see how 365 days a year would benefit the city from a business standpoint, there is no hope for this city. The majority of people are groaning and saying you can’t take Hull Far Away will be the same ones complaining about the price of toffee apples and hook-a-duck in October.

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“This needs to happen for both Hull City and Hull FC in order for them to rise to the elite. They don’t make the money Acun has by making mistakes of this magnitude. I trust him and I hope it happens. “

The £25m plans could revolutionize Walton Street but would potentially impact Hull Fair’s future

Elaine, on the other hand, worried that some things would be overlooked. She said: “Nobody has mentioned the market and the trunk, which are held twice a week.

“Hull is currently promoting itself as a film city, all the caravans on site are crew and wardrobe from the filming that is currently taking place in the old town. If filming like this happens again, where will they all go? And what about parking on match days?”

Danni questioned the logic of fundamentally changing a long-standing local tradition. She asked: “Isn’t Hull Fair about 700 years old? It’s an institution. A few days of fun for most people. I say keep it and let people have their fun!”

Lesley felt people were overreacting, pointing out: “Nobody’s saying get rid of the fair, you just have to move it – it’s causing such huge traffic problems where it’s at that a sports village 12 months in year brings in money, not just 10 days.”

Mark, on the other hand, felt that the Hull people just needed more information about the project. He said: “What exactly is a sports village and how many additional jobs will it actually bring? We need more information as the Allams wanted to do the same and everyone said ‘no’.”

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Meanwhile, Emily said: “I’m confused as to why everyone seems to be in an uproar – does it matter where the fair is being held? They don’t say it’s canceled forever. No matter where she is in Hull you will still go is a much better option for the country!”

In closing, Dan made it clear what he thought of the plans, saying, “Think that’s a brilliant idea. If anyone has been to Etihad you know how good it is, helping to regenerate the city and empowering young people.

“Surely the fair can be moved to a better place?”

What do you think? Should Hull Fair be postponed for sports village? Let us know in the comments!

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