Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: How to Reroll

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel has familiar gambling mechanics when it comes to getting rare and powerful cards, and this guide may help fans get a few reps.

As of 2022, there are now three major live services Yu-Gi-Oh! to play games for fans. In between Yu-Gi-Oh! cross duel, master dueland dueling links, there is one factor they all have in common, apart from the cards used in them. They feature a gacha mechanic for fans to try and collect their favorite cards. Where master duel features a crafting system that can turn unwanted cards into valuable materials, and dueling links offers tickets to choose the tickets you want instantly, cross duel is not so forgiving.


cross duel gives players enough premium currency after the tutorials to get 30 cards right away, but the gacha prices may leave players unsatisfied. For those players, this guide will tell you how to roll back in Yu-Gi-Oh! cross duel.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel Reroll Guide

Unfortunately, there is no built-in mechanic that allows players to replay their gacha throws Yu-Gi-Oh! cross duel. If fans are unlucky and haven’t managed to draw helpful or powerful cards, they may just have to stick with it. The only way fans can hope to replicate their first moves in the game is to try uninstall and reinstall it on your mobile device. If players do this before setting up any data transfer system within the game, they will have a brand new account to start with right away. This means they have another chance to try and get cards they like in a few more turns, but this may not be the best option for players.

Delete the Yu-Gi-Oh! cross duel App from their phones means players have to go through the lengthy download that the game requires before it launches properly, which only gets bigger with each update of the app as it gets older. Fans will also have to replay the tutorial with Seto Kaiba, and not everything is skippable.

On top of that with the way abilities work cross duel, there is not too much difference between the cards since even a 0 ATK monster can be useful in battle with abilities like detonate or ATK bonus. Duplicate cards can also be very valuable as they help unlock skill slots, meaning rerolling can take more time than it’s worth.

The gacha rate in Yu-Gi-Oh! cross duel may seem unfriendly and unfair to some players. Fans only have a 3.5% chance of getting a UR per turn, so getting the duplicates required for skill slots can be frustrating. It ultimately depends on how comfortable the player is whether or not they are happy with their starting throws, and if not, in which case a re-throw is a viable option.

Yu-Gi-Oh! cross duel is now available on most mobile devices.

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