Zoho enhances workplace collaboration with latest releases

Zoho Corporation, a global technology company, has unveiled its new collaboration experience, Trident, and enhanced collaboration technologies to give businesses easier ways to communicate across channels, reduce tool ambiguity, and improve an organization’s overall digital adoption.

Designed as a central workspace or virtual headquarters, Zoho Workplace is a unified office platform that combines tools for collaboration, productivity and communication.

It’s now a flexible, full-featured business mail and cloud office suite, built on a common data model and unified by search and AI, allowing users to work collaboratively and seamlessly across applications.

Commenting on the continued innovation, Zoho APAC VP and GM Gibu Mathew said, “Over the past year, adoption of Zoho Workplace has accelerated in APAC as organizations of all sizes transition to digitally predictive, hybrid work.

“With a clear focus on continuous innovation, Zoho is well positioned to be a growth partner for businesses. The goal of Zoho Workplace is to enable companies to unify their work to the point where the boundaries between apps disappear. It’s encouraging to see that many new companies are joining the Zoho family and using Zoho Workplace as a customizable focal point.”

Zoho Workplace has grown 38% YoY in APAC and now has more than 16 million users worldwide. This growth is attributed to rising business demand for simplified, streamlined solutions that adhere to the highest standards of user privacy, as well as rising costs from other collaboration platform providers, the company said.

Additionally, migrations from Google, Microsoft, and GoDaddy to Zoho Workplace nearly doubled in 2022.

Recent additions and updates include:

  • Zoho Trident is a brand new collaboration, productivity and communication experience that brings together email, messages, audio/video calls, calendar, tasks and more in one place. It’s also Zoho’s first native desktop app for email and chat. Trident is a departure from personalized product experiences as Zoho works to provide a unified platform for its customers.
  • The Zoho Voice Platform is now a complete phone system integrated directly with the Zoho Cliq team collaboration app and the Zoho Meeting web conferencing app. This allows employees to make direct calls and send SMS messages, as well as answer incoming calls through the apps.
  • Zoho Webinar is now part of the Zoho Meeting web conferencing app, which allows users to broadcast and engage with hundreds of attendees via polls and Q&A.
  • Zoho releases a new AI-based grammar tool, BluePencil. This brings typing suggestions and a text editor that can be used on any third-party website.
  • Universal drag-and-drop functionality saves users time and improves user experience when working across different collaboration channels. Drag and drop an e-mail attachment into the colleague’s chat, for example to send it directly.
  • As Zoho focuses on security, mobile device management and OTP-restricted email features have been added to the Workplace suite.
  • TrueSync has been added to Zoho Workdrive so disk space limitations are no longer an issue. TrueSync creates a mirror of all WorkDrive files and folders on the desktop, allowing users to switch between the cloud and their computer. Users can access files and make changes locally without consuming disk space.


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