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US correspondent for the Press Trust of India Lalit K. Jha, who was verbally intimidated and physically assaulted by Khalistan supporters while covering the event at the Indian Embassy in Washington on Saturday, said the separatists had two bundles of wooden sticks brought that were kept in the park that has the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in front of the office building.

One of the protesters who abused and beat the PTI reporter.
One of the protesters who abused and beat the PTI reporter.

The wooden sticks were similar to those used to smash in doors and windows and shatter the glasses at the Indian Consulate in San Francisco. While one bundle was used to display the separatist flag, the other bundle of about 20 sticks was set aside, PTI reported, citing Jha.

Note: Unparliamentary words were used in the video. The viewers’ decision is recommended:

What Lalit K Jha saw from Khalistan supporters during the protest:

1. Khalistan supporters hurled abusive language and openly threatened Indian Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu. Sandhu was not at the embassy at the time of the protest.

2. In their speeches, most of the protesters attempted to incite violence not only in India but also here, including physically damaging Indian Embassy property.

3. Some of the speakers were seen calling on other protesters to use violence and smash the windows and glass of the building across the street.

4. Secret Service officials, closely monitoring this, rushed to the scene in no time and urged the demonstrators to return to the designated protest area before any untoward incident could occur.

5. It appeared that the protesters were ready to do something similar like vandalizing Indian property at the Indian Consulate in San Francisco and the Indian High Commission in London.

6. The organizers of the protest were very hostile towards the Indian reporter who was covering the protest. They not only handicapped him by stepping in front of the camera and putting the Khalistan flag on his face, pushing him further, but also threatened him with dire consequences.

7. One of the protesters abused Jha and asked questions as if you have to tell me what are you going to report?

8. Some time later, two of the protesters approached the reporters who were standing next to Secret Service personnel. One of them told the intelligence agency that Jha was being asked to leave “my land,” which is federal property.

9. Secret Service personnel asked the reporter if he was okay and if he wanted to make a complaint. The journalist said he had no intention of filing a complaint.

10. The separatists left the area around 3:00 p.m. and one of them was seen storing the bundle of wooden sticks in the trunk of the SUV.

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