A Plague Tale Requiem how to cross construction site and clear a path for the boat in Chapter 5

You need to crossing construction site during chapter 5 in A Plague Tale: Requiem in order to Clear a path and reach the boat to continue the story.

This is the first major non-tutorial environment puzzle in A Plague Tale: Requiem where you have to figure out how to get both Amicia and Lucas across the site using Amicia’s tools and whatever they find on theirs can way.

We have detailed how to cross the construction site and clear the way for the boat below so you can move on to Chapter 5 and the rest of the story as soon as possible.

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How to cross the construction site in Chapter 5 of A Plague Tale Requiem

The first step to crossing the construction site in A Plague Tale Requiem is to Throw a detonator at the hanging hay bale below the first set of stairs, then run and climb up the opposite wooden wall marked in white at the top.

If you lack the resources for this, turn around and open the small chest to find x1 Alcohol and x1 Sulfur, needed to craft an Ignifer.

Interact with the crank in this platform to spin the hanging haystack all the way around. Lucas will then offer his services to turn the crank, so Instruct Lucas to interact with the crank firstthen when he turns it all the way throw an ignifer at the haystack.

You can now run to the next set of stairs – but make sure you have one ignifer pot first, as you’ll need to throw one at the base of the next set of stairs to fully clear the path. If you need resources to craft one, check out the two crates on this platform.

You must throw an ignifer pot to completely clear the path of rats, then run!

To bring Lucas to you, turn the crank on this platform, which will move another hay bale towards Lucas, who will light it himself and make his way.

To take Amicia to the next platform, instruct Lucas to turn the crank and when it turns fully again, Throw an ignifer at it, tell Lucas to stop, then follow the burning haystack to a small stone wall.

Amicia is surrounded by rats, but Lucas throws an object to help her. Press the button that appears on the screen in this case to activate a pyrite and start moving towards the stairs in front of you.

In order to get Lucas to reunite with Amicia, Amicia must first switch to another platform. To do this, interact with the crank on the platform you’re currently on to move the healthy bale all the way around. Release the crank and while the hay bale moves back, light it with Igniferrun down the stairs and follow the lit hay bale to climb the small white-topped wooden wall that leads to the next platform.

up on the platform, Grab a stick from the stack in front of you and throw it to Lucas. He will head to the platform Amicia was on before. To reunite the pair, you’ll need to throw a rock from your sling onto the part of the platform Lucas is standing on, then light the hay bale in front of the two of you.

This allows Lucas and Amicia to get to the next platform by climbing the small wooden wall with the white tip. However, if you’re quick, you can look to the left of the lit haystack and search a chest under the platform where Lucas was standing to get x1 Tool, x1 Sulfur, and x10 Pieces to craft.

The last thing you have to do to cross the construction site in A Plague Tale: Requiem is pick up a stick from the stack next to the workbench, light it on the nearby brazier, then at the bottom of the stairs go left and another brazier.

Drop the stick if it’s still lit when you get to the next brazier, then interact with the debris blocking the boathouse entrance to move it.

It’s not over yet, though, as you’ll need to clear a path for the boat before you can reach it.

How to clear a path for the boat in A Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 5

To clear the way for the boat in Chapter 5 of A Plague Tale: Requiem, you must Instruct Lucas to push the cart back, then head into the hole hidden behind. Detach the bead body blocking the ferry at the end of this path under the boathouse, then climb onto the ferry.

Instruct Lucas to let go of the crank that controls the ferry when Amicia is on it to get to the other boathouse. You should check the location for resources, but to advance and clear the way for the boat you’ll need to use a rock from your sling on the large protruding structure in the center of the boathouse ceiling.

The boat is now free to move, but Amicia and Lucas must figure out how to get back to the boat.

How to get the boat in A Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 5

Before trying to reach the boat, we recommend turning around and entering a crawl space under the second boathouse, as there is a chest with x1 Tool, x10 Pieces and x1 Sulfur on the other side.

After opening the chest, turn around and follow the gravel path until you reach a wooden bridge. Explore the left side to find a cart that you can move towards the wall with white on it.

Climb onto the wagon and drop down to the next section. Then use the twist lever to bring the wooden platform to the part of the bridge you just came from. Then release the layer Use a rock with your sling to lower a path back to the first part of the bridge.

Roll the same cart you used earlier onto the wooden platform that you moved with the twist lever, then go back to the second part of the bridge and use the lever again to bring the platform and cart back to you.

Push the cart to the nearest wooden wall with white on it and climb up to trigger a small cutscene where Amicia will eventually reach the boat.

Good luck with the rest of Chapter 5!

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