AFL set to investigate Dayne Zorko’s ‘inappropriate’ comments to Harrison Petty

An incident involving Brisbane captain Dayne Zorko and Melbourne defender Harrison Petty is set to be investigated by the AFL after the Demons’ big win on Friday night.

Petty was visibly emotional three-fourths after an exchange with Zorko, and the incident made for a tense and at times grumpy final term.

After the game, several Demons players were seen talking to Zorko before the Lions skipper struck up a conversation with Petty, after which they shook hands.

Melbourne football manager Alan Richardson revealed Petty believed Zorko had made an “over the top” comment towards his opponent.

Coach Simon Goodwin said the same thing in his post-game press conference, confirming the AFL would investigate the matter.

“Petts thought he heard something inappropriate about a family member, he was a little upset about it,” Goodwin said.

“The Lions have spoken to us and of course the AFL will look into it, but those are pretty much the details we can give at the moment. We will turn it over to the AFL.”

Goodwin said he felt Brisbane had handled the matter well as a club.

“Petts was a little emotional after three quarters, he walked away, reorganized and came back into the game,” Goodwin said.

“Brisbane have been quite apologetic to us and that’s the kind of football club they are.

“They are a very respected, humble football club and we take them at their word.”

Brisbane coach Chris Fagan had little to add after losing 115-57 on home soil.

“I can’t really enlighten it for you because I would just make it up and I don’t want to do that,” Fagan said.

“I would be concerned that one of our players was involved in such an incident, but I won’t judge right now because I don’t know enough about it.”

Zorko was criticized for his actions throughout the game after his emotions seemed to get the better of him at times.

“He is very passionate about our football club and he would have been quite disappointed with what had developed and that would have created some frustration,” he said.

“I’d like to look at a vision to get a really accurate feel for it because while his leadership tonight might not have been up to standard…he’s been great for us over the last four or five years so I won’t go for him beating up a performance he may have underperformed at.

The result all but knocks the Lions out of the top four, while only a big Sydney win over St Kilda will knock Melbourne out of second place.

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