Alexandra Daddario Opened Up About Sporting the Iconic Red Swimsuit For Baywatch: ‘A Much Sexier, Hotter Version Of Myself’

Few people have rocked a bathing suit like Alexandra Daddario on screen at gigs like Baywatch and the first season of The White Lotus on HBO. But how does it actually feel to be part of projects with such iconic swimwear moments? It’s a question the actress was actually asked.

If you saw Daddario alongside The Rock, Zac Efron and more in the 2017 film, you should know that the film made some changes to the iconic suit. Daddario called her version of the suit previously worn by Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and others a “homage to the original,” noting that a key difference was a “zipper at the front.” But despite the changes, she said MTV At the film’s premiere, the allure of being a “Baywatch babe” was very real.

It was wonderful. And I think being like a Baywatch babe feels really cool. So I felt like a much sexier, hotter version of myself. My everyday self.

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